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  • Top Gun Maverick Saves Movie Theatres

    Top Gun Maverick may have just saved movies as we know them. It has been a rough few years for theatres. It is no secret that even some have gone out of business. The success of Top Gun Maverick shows that theatres are still the place to be for a summer blockbuster. That people still […]

  • Ace Combat Getting It’s Own Top Gun Maverick Expansion

    Suppose you’re looking for a Top Gun experience with a new Maverick movie that’s now out. You can do that with Ace Combat, and the game-based combat now is an expansion where you can play as a Top Gun pilot. So if you’re looking to fire up your favorite Top Gun music and fly around […]

  • Top Gun Maverick was the Right Choice for Microsoft Flight Simulator

    It was a really smart thing for Microsoft to add a Top Gun expansion to their Flight Simulator game. And it’s a free expansion if you’re looking to get those flight skills up with Top Gun and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ace Combat also did the same thing. They’ve also added a Top Gun expansion too […]