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  • How to Create Music and Distribute Music Easily Using an Ipad?

    Everyone can create music quickly and distribute their music on all music services. And I know many people may feel like they can’t make music. The reality of the situation is I’m going to show you in this article how you can create your music and release it on all music services, such as Apple […]

  • God of War by Bear McCreary is Game Soundtrack of the Year for 2022!

    God of War by Bear McCreary is Game Soundtrack of the Year for 2022!

    The God of War Ragnarok soundtrack is on the next level; if you’re looking for something cinematic for your day, I highly recommend you listen to the soundtrack for God War Ragnarok. The music is just plain epic. If you’ve played this game, you probably should also be listening to music while you work, play […]

  • I Made a Modern Christmas Song

    I decided to make a modern Christmas song after finally deciding to make the song. Yes, it took me a while to finally get to it because I am always doing something. But, I decided to make a song under the Next Gen Video Game Theory name to the classic jingle bells with a twist. […]

  • O Holy Night Song by Lindsey Stirling is Powerful

    O Holy Night by Lindsey Stirling is one of the best Christmas music videos on YouTube. The song is deeply emotional and captures the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of Jesus. One may even weep while watching this video. You can feel Lindsay’s emotion when she plays in the music video. The O Holy […]

  • TheFatRat is Releasing His Viral Song Xenogenesis with Vocals!!!

    TheFatRat musical artist will be releasing a new song! An updated Xenogenesis song! It will be released with lyrics too! The song initially came out without lyrics, and now TheFatRat is releasing it with lyrics. This song was a Youtube hit, to say the least, and went viral when it came out years ago. The […]

  • Listen to Skyrim Music This Holiday Season to Relax

    So, if you were going to ask me what the best Christmas music is possible to be listening to right now, I would say listen to some Skyrim music. No, I’m not kidding. Well, I might be. It’s something that’s going to allow you to relax around the holidays. Never underestimate your ability to relax […]

  • 1 Hour of Relaxing Cinematic Space Music for You!

    Relaxing music can make your day better. Here’s some epic cinematic space music for your day. Relaxing Music can make you feel better in your day, and so will this song. This music is about Saturn. Saturn is a planet that has approximately 10.7-hour days. And that is not a lot of time, as you […]

  • 2 Hours of Starfield Like Music

    Since the game, Starfield did not come out, I decided to go ahead and make my own music for the game. This music takes inspiration from the sci feel of the game. It uses a lot of sci-fi elements you’d hear in music, along with cinematic elements. Starfield is looking like it’s going to be […]

  • Making Music Albums Using Garageband is Easy

    For the past year, I have made a significant amount of music using GarageBand. GarageBand is on the iPad. It’s also on the iPhone if you want to get it to create music. I want to let you know that it is possible to create a bunch of music using this application for free. I […]

  • Famous Video Game Character Dance Videos

    I made a massive playlist of sonic dance characters dancing. I made the characters in 3D and then animated them to dance. It seems people have liked them on YouTube. My goal was to create something that everyone liked, and dancing seemed like the closest I could get. If you like music or dance, you […]