Next Gen Video Game Theory

Niche Down to What Works Does Matter in 2023 for Gaming Youtube Channel

After constantly trying to find a breakthrough on Youtube, the only way to grow is to niche down. And stay with that niche long-term even if things are not going well at first.

YouTube picture

If you niche down on Youtube, you will have a better chance of someone watching a second video. And that person then likes that first and second video. The Youtube algorithm likes when this happens. It also helps the algorithm find similar people for your videos.

Therefore if something works, it is a lot better to stay near to that topic. Not all topics or niches are created the same. Some are easier to grow in than others. So if your niche is not working, it is okay to change it to one that is easier. Just stay with one topic as long as possible for the best results.

When you grow larger, you can expand your audience by increasing your topics to similar niches. Nonetheless, it is tough to do if you have no following. So start off by being good at one niche.


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