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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for Star Wars Jedi Survivor

1.) The previous game was actually good and cinematic. The intro is one of the best in gaming.

2.) Jedi Fallen Order nailed the feeling of Star Wars perfectly. When you think about the atmosphere of Star Wars. The last game was it.

3.) There were some pretty funny quotes in the last game. It brings forth the humor that makes Star Wars excellent.

4.) The movement system is on par with the Uncharted Series. You will be climbing like a Jedi. It feels like you climb like a Jedi. Expect this to be improved further.

5.) The story is incredible. One can expect the sequel to be just as good and continue a great Star Wars story.

6.) The musical score is incredible. Expect the same in the Jedi Survivor. The Star Wars score is already good. With an original feeling to the Jedi Fallen Order series. It makes it even better. The music was timed right in Fallen Order.

7.) Cal will be older in Star Wars Survivor. We can expect a hardened Jedi story. Cal was the main character in the last game.

8.) The special graphical effects are better than most games coming out today in the previous game. Expect Jedi Survivor to be the same and improve upon already great graphics.

9.) The combat system is beyond smooth. It is Jedi-like already, with incredible upgrades that add to the system. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is going to be Jedi Master-like.

10.) There is a challenge to the Jedi Fallen Order game. Yet, if mastered, the Star Wars game can still be beaten. The same will hold for the next one.

See the game here;





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