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Is Forge Free in Halo Infinite?

I recently let my Xbox Game Pass expire. On Xbox, this means you really can’t do anything normally. Given I did not have any games and most online features were gone, I was not sure what to do. Why fire up Halo Infinite, of course, to see if Forge worked? What were the results?

Long behold, Forge works without Xbox Game Pass. It is like a freebee Halo offers no one knows about. With that being said, Forge is complicated and is not easy to master. Nonetheless, it may be worth the effort if there are no games you can play because your Xbox Game Pass has expired.

Just download Halo Infinite Multiplayer Version and hop into Forge on the main menu to get started on your Xbox Series X or S. Then you can start creating in Forge! The Minecraft of Halo.






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