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13 Reasons Why Mario Kart is Still Good in 2023

Here are the reasons why Mario Kart is still good in 2023. Let’s take a look.


1.) The game is challenging. Anyone who has played Mario Kart knows. The challenge is what will drive Mario Kart players in 2023. There is a lot to behold here.

2. There will be new track drops all through 2023 in Mario Kart on the Switch. These may be older tracks, but who cares. They have been updated for 2023.

3.) The characters are funny and have hilarious reactions throughout races. If you dig deep here, you will find hidden gems.

4.) The new tracks travel throughout locations throughout the world, such as Tokyo and Paris, and even New York. With even more dropping in 2023. Don’t forget about the classic Nintendo locations.

5.) There is an extensive list of famous characters that scream nostalgia. Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and even the baby versions, along with a Cat, Princess Peach and even more.

6.) The tracks offer a wide variety. Way more than pretty much any racing game. Presume you can name a game that has this many tracks. You would be hard-pressed to find one.

7.) Random, but the Maro Movie has a Mario Kart scene motivating to play Mario Kart. Come on you know what I mean right?

8.) The game is highly kid-friendly. You don’t have to worry about anything but children. The only bad thing is your kids will fall in love with the characters from your childhood.

9.) It is also adult friendly and offers nostalgia and challenge even for adult gamers, especially at the 200cc levels. You will be challenged and will throw your controller in a rage.

10.) There are varying difficulty levels for all players, such as 200cc or 50cc—even assistance such as steering assists to help out. Or if you are brave, you can do no assist and play at 200cc. Prepare to buy another controller as you will throw it.

11.) The more significant difficulties are challenging for even the best players. You will once again want to throw your third controller. Look at that replayability. It starts to get very expensive.

12.) Donkey will be your nemesis at all times. Personally vendetta. Donkey Kong has caused more problems than I can count in an almost comedic way. What can I say I don’t forgive.

13.) You will eventually rage quit for the fourth time but want to return to the addiction that is Mario Kart. There is a reason why they are releasing so many updated tracks. It is addicting!

Check out Mario Kart 8:





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