Next Gen Video Game Theory

The Robot with No Name Story

The robot couldn’t figure out his name. The little robot had such a challenge in life. He just wanted to know his name. There was no one to tell him what his name was. He’s set off on a journey to figure out what his name was. He traveled around, unable to figure it out.

Robot I Made for Story

There were so many obstacles to him being able to figure out his name. Finally, after many long travels, he came to another robot. The robot went beep beep. That didn’t tell him his name. Was this the name? Beep beep.

The robot kept on his journey, unable to figure anything out. He thought his name was beep beep now. He kept going on his trip. The journey was long. It wasn’t easy. It went on for years because robots can go on for years.

He was sad. He just wanted to know his name. He figured it wasn’t a beeping beep. Finally, he came along with a robot that could talk. The robot said Your name’s not necessary. What matters is what’s in your heart. And the robot was happy.





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