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The Night Christmas Was Saved Short Story

Santa Claus was excited to deliver toys throughout the world. He was so excited that he didn’t think on Christmas day; he rushed to his sleigh to get going. He was late on Christmas Day, which caused even more problems.


It did not matter, though, to Santa. Santa knew he had a job to do. And to do his job, sometimes you must be in a rush. He hopped on his sleigh with his reindeer. With Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer guiding his sleigh, he had the jet pack 3200 rocket sled. This thing could fly nearly at the speed of light. How else was he to visit all the houses at night? His sleigh flew through the night until it got to the first house.

Finally, when the sleigh landed, he got out. He went down the chimney, not thinking much of it. He knew he had a few cookies, too much this year. Nonetheless, he didn’t see it as a big deal. He shimmied down the chimney until eventually. He got stuck in the chimney.

Santa could not move. He could not go anywhere. Santa became stuck in the chimney. He cried out. Someone help me get out! Eventually, the family in the household heard Santa.


They could see his feet in the chimney. The family was in utter shock. Santa was real. They pulled Santa’s feet down, and Santa came right out. Thus the family saves the nights of Christmas because Santa would have still been stuck in that fireplace.

Had the family not pulled Santa by his boots out of the fireplace? Santa would not have continued on his journey, and he also provided some extra presents. For that family for helping him out. Thus, Christmas was saved a long time ago.





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