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Drawing the Seattle Seahawk Because Why Not?

I recently drew the Seattle Seahawks Seahawk. The reason why I drew the Seahawk was that I liked the logo design.

I am not a Seattle Seahawks fan. I think it’s a more modern design regarding NFL logos; most NFL logos tend to be very well-designed.

Drawing of Seattle Seahawk

I also figured other people would want to learn how to draw the Seahawk of this NFL team. Therefore I set forth to draw this logo. I made a YouTube short of how I drew the Seattle Seahawk logo in this article.

If you are a Seattle Seahawks fan, I hope you enjoy this drawing or even give it a shot. You may find that you have some fun drawing one of your favorite sports teams. If you’re not a Seattle Seahawks fan, you cannot deny the logo does look pretty cool.

I have had a phase where I’ve just been drawing stuff left and right. I figured, why not draw some sports teams while I am at it? Many of the logos of sports teams are genuinely impressive. The designs need to be great because millions of people will become fans of a football team. Therefore you want to make sure that your plan is top-notch.

I hope you liked this drawing of the Seattle Seahawks. And if you don’t like it, well, oh well.





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