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Drawing the Minnesota Viking Because Why Not?

I drew the Minnesota Viking logo because the Minnesota Vikings were playing today, so it seemed like a good idea to draw the logo.

Minnesota Viking Draw

It’s a pretty cool logo overall, and I think the Minnesota Viking logo is one of the better logos. When it comes to the NFL, it has an excellent design, and the horns and the beard are all interwoven together in an elegant format.

Additionally, the eyes are a perfect design to the way they rolled to the Minnesota Viking design. So anyway, I was trying to hit a trend by drawing the Minnesota Vikings because they’re playing right now.

And it seemed like a good idea. So I just drew up a quick YouTube short of the Viking being drawn, so feel free to watch whenever you read this blog post because the Minnesota Viking logo is pretty cool.

Now for the record. I’m a chiefs fan, but I like the team’s logo. I think they’re cool. And they do such an incredible job with a lot of logos, and the Minnesota Viking is one of those logos that are top-notch.






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