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The Nintendo Switch is Still a Good Console for 2023

The Nintendo Switch is still an excellent system for the 2022 holiday season and 2023. I think if you’re looking to get a gaming system for a kid, the Nintendo Switch is still the best choice at this point.

The Nintendo Switch is a fun gaming system even all these years later. It has a lot of kid-friendly characters. With that being said, I also like the idea of being able to sit down near your couch and spread out your hands, and I know that sounds a little strange.

The neat thing about the Nintendo Switch controller is you get two separate controllers that work together. So you’re not stuck to having your hands on one controller the whole time. You can kind of move your hands apart and sit in a chair with your hands spread apart, and I know that sounds weird, but it is the best feature, in my opinion, of the Nintendo Switch by a long shot.

It allows you to relax in the game and a more natural kind of fashion. And it’s cool when you think about it that a controller setup like that can put you over the edge for wanting to play a system. Ergonomic is the term maybe.

There are also tons of fitness games for the Nintendo Switch right now that are worth playing if you’re into fitness. And I think it is the best system at this point for fitness. Now in the past, the Xbox was the best system, but their Kinect failed, which was kind of honestly surprising.

So that’s where we’re at at this point. Yet just now, the Nintendo Switch is an excellent choice for the holiday season if you have kids, and it is a system worth playing if you’re a grown-up because there are tons of nostalgic games on the Nintendo Switch with all your classic favorite characters.

Classic Nintendo Switch Found Here:





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