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TheFatRat is Releasing His Viral Song Xenogenesis with Vocals!!!

TheFatRat musical artist will be releasing a new song! An updated Xenogenesis song! It will be released with lyrics too! The song initially came out without lyrics, and now TheFatRat is releasing it with lyrics. This song was a Youtube hit, to say the least, and went viral when it came out years ago.

Xenogenesis Song by TheFatRat that Went Viral! Listen here!

The song is super exciting, as TheFatRat has incredible music. He planned on initially adding vocals to the song but ended up releasing it as an instrumental. The song has a great melody, and you need to listen to Xenogenesis right above. Because why not? 

It was a gaming song to many, and I think I have listened to this song at least 100 times in my lifetime or more. You need to check out the original so you are prepared for the release of the new music.

You may be asking when will the new TheFatRat song come out. And what is it called? Below you can see in his tweet he says it is called Back One Day. Maybe a flashback to when Xenogenesis went viral.

Twitter post from TheFatRat about new song..

The song went viral using incredible instrumentals, which is not easy to do. Trust me, I know. Now with that being said, it’s going to have a vocalist, and I don’t know precisely who the vocalist is going to be; it seems it will be a surprise.

Update it appears it will be Neffex as the vocalist. I added the Youtube premiere at the bottom for when the song releases!

TheFatRat will add fitting vocals, as he says, and I think this will be awesome. The song Back One Day has a gargoyle cat-like creature with armor to showcase the introduction in the Tweet.

New Song video when releases

You may be asking when Back in One Day by TheFatRat is coming out. The song is coming out on December 16, 2022. So much excitement surrounds the music for many people who follow TheFatRat if you don’t follow TheFatRat, you should! Because the songs are great for a workday or gaming to keep you in the zone!





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