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WOMP 3D Makes Creating 3D Models Fun!

Womp 3D is an app that looks like it’s going to have enormous potential when it comes to 3D Creations. You can get this on your computer right now. This amazing app allows you to create 3d objects very easily and then render them.

Beginner Tutorial

These are simple objects and not high-detail objects. Overall I would say it’s an excellent application. It’s completely free right now. And I’m going to post some YouTube videos in this article so you guys can take a look at how the app works from the developer. So you can jump in.

You can create anything from a character to an alien to a snow globe very quickly. It can then render these into videos! Snow globe tutorial below for Womp.

It’s just immaculate, and it makes 3d easy for anyone. The idea of the Womp application is neat, so you can create extraordinary 3d objects, see other people’s 3d objects and then edit those 3d objects. It’s like an easy 3d place to go to create 3d objects as a beginner with the potential for more advanced concepts.

They have a YouTube channel that goes over a lot of what they do. So I’ve also put that here in this article with the Womp Youtube; I think it’s worth checking out the beginner’s guide for this application to see if you are interested.

Easy model

It makes you look like a 3d pro; you can create 3D models very quickly using this application.

All you have to do is sign in on your desktop. And then, you get started creating the models. I started making some models. I wasn’t very good at it, but I could make a model within a few minutes of getting into the application.

3D Snowglobe

If you’ve ever used a primary 3d application, such as Blender, you know that’s not very easy.

The fact that you can get in there and make 3D models very quickly is a good sign for this application. So if you’re looking for something easier to create 3d models, Womp is for you.

Their website:






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