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Why VIDIQ Changed Youtube and Video Education Forever? Short Book

Vid IQ is a YouTube channel that has done more than anything regarding education. It has educated YouTubers, and that’s why I’m writing a short book about what they have done, how they have done it, and how they’ve changed education forever. Regarding YouTube education, there were not many players years ago. Eventually, it became needed because YouTube changed, the algorithm changed, and it became much harder to grow on the platform. It was never easy necessarily to develop on YouTube, but you need to have a system in place to be able to grow on YouTube.

Face of VidIQ Rob Wilson

Vid IQ wrote the roadmap for creating a great YouTube channel from an educational perspective. What they did was they made an app. It’s one of the best apps in the app store for YouTube. And I think they’ve outdone their competitors with this app because it has many recommendations on what videos to make and what keywords to follow. So you’re up to date and not making videos on things that necessarily do not need or contribute to the growth of your channel.

Vid IQ went the extra step and created this application. They funnel people into the application to be able to grow their channel, so they get resources or people into their application who also go to their YouTube channel. And this is why they’ve been so successful and have surpassed over a million subscribers.

This is even harder in education. And I think it’d be even more complicated than YouTube education because it takes so much effort to get past that level. And they focus on YouTube education mainly. Sure they have a tick-tock app that does a lot of good stuff, like telling you songs that are trending, but their main application that does YouTube, is one of the best applications that you’ll ever use. Vid IQ, a premier YouTube channel, defines what YouTube education should be. They’ve done everything correctly. They post consistently too. They preach what they do. They go on lives all the time to be with their audience. And they’re not required to do this, but they do it anyway. They review channels, and they do a lot of things that YouTubers should be doing. They walk the talk

And that’s one of the best things about vid IQ. I used their application for a little while, and then I went to their YouTube channel after finding their application. So I kind of went through it the backward way, and that’s how I found them, but once I got into it, all the free content they provide is fantastic, and their content is entertaining. That is what makes vid IQ so great, are they have entertaining content from the podcasts they also have, so they’re hitting on all fronts. The definition of what a YouTube education channel should do is crecrecreateellent funnels that allow the track to grow, and that is why vid IQ now has over 1 million subscribers. It is just not easy to grow on YouTube. You have to have the mantra that you are going to bring people also into your YouTube channel. And they’ve taught people how to create funnels and do different things that work great for YouTube marketing. This is why they’re one of the best YouTube education channels. Sure there are others, and I may write a book about them too. But I wanted to do vid IQ since it did just hit that million subscriber account which is unheard of for an education channel that focuses on YouTube. Sure, there are other channels, such as think media, that focus on a wide variety of things. And other channels focus on YouTube from that aspect, but having a helpful app with many free features for their users is precisely what YouTube channels should be trying to do, or education channels trying to do. By providing this free feature to many users, they can grow their channel exponentially while producing great content on video editing, how to get better at video editing, and how to do many different things. And it’s a channel that you need to check out. Vid IQ is what I would like to call hitting on all fronts and creating an experience. It is the new way of education. The new way of teaching is an experience-based education with a plethora of content; the podcast is well done. Everything comes together to create this echo system that you cannot get out of, and that’s why vid IQ is so successful. They have so many different options for the user. Maybe the user doesn’t feel like watching youtube, so they go ahead, and they listen to the podcast while they’re on the go. But then, when they get home, they decide to watch a YouTubevyoutube video that teaches them hothemgrow their YouTube channel. Then maybe they want to check out the app to see their keywords at the end and the beginning of the day. This way, you’re living the life of Vid IQ basically and how to grow on YouTube. And iasaswonderful way to grow. That complete echo system is there to keep the learner in the system to become a better YouTuber people become better YouTubers, so they share vid IQ like I’m doing right now. And those are the things that make a difference in content creation. Content Creation is excellent, but it can exist. It has to be shared, and they’ve developed a perfect system for shareability by using the application, the podcast, and all their different stuff. They even have blog posts, too, if you want to read them. And all these things come together to create a whole experience that you’d like to see from every YouTube channel. They’ve made the education roadmap on how to be successful on YouTube. An application is a great idea for bringing people into your YouTube channel. So if you can create a perfect app as vid IQ has, that’s a great way to grow your channel, and vid IQ has mastered that app. I check it daily, which is why I’m writing this book. They’ve had such an impact on my life. With that keyword research, find out what’s trending on YouTube. It is beneficial. The crew at Vid IQ is also accommodating. And by practical, I mean they are so accommodating. They do live streams and do a good job helping people. And that’s why you definitely should check out their channel because they do care, and it’s an interactive experience. Sure, they may have 500 people submit an app request to review a track, but you can learn so much from vid IQ and what they give to people trying to make it on the platform. A lot of them don’t understand a lot of the ins and outs of the forum. You’ll see people go in there who have a tick-tock mentality, and they will bring stuff in and tell them what YouTube is really about. And that’s the cool thing

They’ve been able to accomplish on their other YouTube and help their audience do some great things, and I think that’s what you have to do as a creator is you have to be willing to go the extra mile. You can’t just be too big, not to help people. And that’s why vid IQ has done such an exceptional job on is they’re willing to help people even though they’re small, the live streams, they help smaller creators, and that’s a hallmark of their channel. It’s not about, oh, we only support the prominent creators that pay us, and sure, they have a premium package you can get, which I think is an excellent deal. Suppose you are a creator who’s making money on YouTube. I’d recommend you get it because you get the vid IQ support, you get access to a whole bunch of their discord servers at the time of this or any other social media support, you can talk to other creators, and I think that maybe just worth it from that perspective. Because it’s precious to talk to other creators, and they offer this within their platform. Suppose he buys the buy best-of-it IQ thing. I would get vid IQ the best rating out of all the services right now just because of everything they offer. It’s not just the education that they provide; they have tons of free videos on how to make thumbnails and how to do a whole bunch of other stuff. But they have the factor of actually helping people live. And I think that’s the cool thing about vid IQ and the additional extra sauce is the application that I check every day and has been extremely helpful in my pursuit of YouTube

One of the cool things is if you buy a premier package for vid IQ there’s a lot of other stuff that you can do. There. Such as, they send you courses and kind of walk you on a journey through the emails they send you, and that’s a really cool thing they do at Vid IQ that I don’t think anyone’s really doing on the level that they’re doing. They have a whole email system, and they have mastered how to make an email work very well by creating miniature micro courses that you get for free that you can check out and learn more about how to become a YouTuber and become a better YouTuber. And it is a neat experience that they’ve been able to put into their application. They’ve made YouTube fun and YouTube is not always fun if you don’t know what you’re doing, and t. That is very clear about what you need to do these days make a good title and create a good thumbnail. They have a ton of videos on these topics that can help you and guide you through the process—at the same time, using their Keyword Explorer and a whole bunch of other things. Their app also has a way to put keywords in your description and title very quickly so that you can target the right things that are actually trending. And I think the biggest thing is just seeing what’s trending and being able to see your competitors, and there are many other features too. But those are a big thing and allow you to discover what’s happening. You can also see the views per hour of videos, so you’re not totally in the dark about trending. Look on people’s channels to see what videos are taking off that may not be entirely clear, which can be super helpful. So let you’re making suitable videos. But every day they’ll send you a list of videos that you can make and I think that’s the biggest thing even on the free application. I do this, and I’ll be honest with you guys; this makes me go back to the application daily to see what videos I should be making. Now. I don’t always do this, which is probably why my channel doesn’t have a million subscribers. But I do go on there and I check to see what’s going on if I’m capable of making that video. And that’s one of the great things about it. And you combine that with the ability to go on there and then check the stuff out to make your videos better and see what YouTube’s doing. They have little news items that tell you what’s going on on YouTube and it’s beneficial, so you’re not entirely in the dark. And some of their live streams are just funny because they’ll review channels, and there’ll be some minor issues that they’ve gone over before, but they’re always patient; they always tend to help that user out. Even if it’s something that could be an issue, they tell them exactly what that user needs to do. And it’s obvious. So vid IQ has established what you need to be doing as a creator and educator in general on YouTube. And if you combine an email list like they have with a great application, and a whole bunch of other things, you’re really going to be able to do a lot on YouTube. It will help if you looked their channel and the definition of what an educational entertainment channel should be doing to be successful on YouTube or any other platform because I feel like a lot of their content is very transferable to another platform. So shareability they have an outstanding social media presence on Twitter. They’re very responsive. I mean, that’s rare that you have a million-subscriber YouTube channel that responds to you as a viewer, making you feel more connected. So that is a plus. With this, they react to almost everything that you tweet back to them, and that is unheard of for a prominent YouTube

Channel. And it’s something that sets them apart. It’s their mantra that they know how to connect with their audience on social media. They know how to communicate with their audience and other avenues. And it takes them to the next level of what an education channel should be. And I think whether you’re a college professor trying to create a YouTube channel, they have the information for you. They show you what you need to do from that perspective. I think that if you could have an application developed similar to what they have that can work as a funnel into your YouTube channel, have an email list that connects to your YouTube channel. And one of the most pressing things now, at the time of this writing, is true. They don’t currently run ads on their videos. Now this change would be subject to change. But they’ve gone all these years without running ads on their videos because they have a funnel, and they have a strong funnel they want people to get into their application. They’ve shown how to create an education model that people want to watch. Like I like their personalities, I will watch their videos because of their characters now, especially their live streams. I find it fascinating the advice they give for YouTube channels. And I think much of their content is transferable over to other things. So just writing a book, you have to have a good cover for your book. For instance, this may not be the best cover because I want to get this information out there, which they would disagree with. But I just wanted to write the book because I thought it was a good idea.

But you have to have a good thumbnail or cover of a book for people even click it and if your title stinks, you’re not going to have anybody click your video, and they go into detail. They also have a title recommended in their application. So if you have a title that you want but can’t figure out how to write, their application offers an offering to ask for a title recommendation. Now you will get more if you have the premium package. However, you can still do this in the free version. So I think it’s cool that you can get title recommendations for your videos and hopefully win the quick click. But there’s a ton of material and things they do. And they’re adding new features all the time. It’s not like they’re static. It’s always something new. They’re always trying something new, whether that’s our education program, their program where you can join their discord and do things like that, or whatever other social media platforms out there. They’re always on the cutting edge of what needs to be done. And I think that’s what you need to do as a YouTube educator. To be successful. It would help if you were on the cutting edge, and vid IQ has done an excellent job. They have redefined what a company can do on how a company can grow by helping other people using peer-to-peer sharing and other things that you don’t see a lot of times with educators; no cold educator Professor is yelling out at you. These are high-quality YouTube videos they’ve spent a tremendous amount of time editing, trying to make as entertaining as possible. So you’re engaged. And I’m shocked that a YouTube channel about growth has been able to do so much has been able to grow so much to get to that point. And that one of the fantastic things about vid IQ is they have transformed the education business, and I think eveverybodyvery university should be looking at what they’re doing and creating their channels just like vid IQ has because it is that good guy, so if you’re an educator. You’re looking for a medium to model after this is the channel tyouyoud touch to check. I don’t think you necessarily need to create an application. You need to make some funnel that helps people even more than what your channel does, and that way, you have a business out of it. A university can do very well with that because they funnel people to their classes, and they’ll be able to do that. But if you’re just a one-person educator Well, you may want to go the route of creating an application or creating a blog, for instance, so that you can deliver value. But IQ also has a blog, which is very good and has a lot of good stuff, especially if you sign up. They send a lot of that stuff to you. And it’s a journey, and it’s not very expensive; ironically, on an Android, the one I was on is only like $10 a month, and you got keyword search pretty much enough to grow on YouTube. And I figured if I grew more, I would jump to the higher tiers. That’s my philosophy. So I think that I a good idea. They have different levels for their payment plans that can help you out. But honestly, guys, there’s a ton of free stuff, and you don’t need to pay, but I do it more to support them because they’ve done such a good job, and doing a good job is precisely what they do from an education perspective. It’s not always easy to be an educator, and vid IQ didn’t always have the most extensive channel. It wasn’t brutal or popular at one point to be a YouTube educator. But eventually, it just kind of cracked that. During the pandemic. Things really started growing, and they just exploded their channel as everything kind of just came together to allow them to become one of the best YouTube channels on the street guys. And I think it’s all about if there was a suitable time, the right place. All their years of work had paid off, and their channel went to a million subscribers recently because of all those years of hard work. They’ll tell you it wasn’t easy, that they’ve lost a ton of subscribers and that they have not necessarily

Always retain those prescribers, but in the end, they kept the subscribers going enough to where they could get to a million subscribers. And that’s such a neat thing when you think they didn’t give up. They kept going. They didn’t say to themselves, yes, I’m going to quit here. No, they said to themselves, we’re going to do something great. We’re going to do something great. We’re going to persevere through all these challenging moments. We’re not going to give up. And that’s precisely what vid IQ has done to create one of the best companies regarding YouTube education and the broader education market. If more educators did what they did and folded what they’re doing, you can grow off of their strategies and what you see on their YouTube channel. All their videos are interconnected, which they preach they say focus and niche down. You don’t want to go there channel and watch movies. For instance, you’re there to learn about YouTube and social media education in general. But mainly, the people on that channel are there to learn about YouTube education, and they don’t deviate too much from this. They have started to get into Tik Tok with their tick-tock app. Probably a more future-proof thing. But outside of that, they’re looking for a way to help you grow on YouTube and make it less of a mystery. And I think that the great thing about it is they’re showing people exactly what to do by doing channel reviews. They go down the channel line, and they show the different things that that channel needs to do to improve their thumbnails, for instance, and their titles. And they also have a day where they’ll do video reviews and show how a person needs to improve their videos. So all of it is a massive education plan. To educate people on how to make better videos, and it’s not just YouTube; it’s about the video-making process and creating better videos. And they go even deeper into the cuts that Mr. Beast has made or any other prominent YouTuber that makes his videos great. So if you watch it long enough and you go through it long enough, you understand and see things in your videos where you can improve and get even better. That’s the great thing about vid IQ. It’s such a deep platform where you can learn and get better over time. And that’s what it’s all about. As slowly, you get recommended by YouTube videos because you wind up going down a rabbit hole, and that’s how they’ve grown so fast in that recommendation system because I get recommended their videos all the time. And I don’t mind it, and that’s because I’m trying to become a YouTube creator. So people who are YouTube creators will love this channel in trying to get better, and there are a lot of YouTube creators. This is a growing niche right now. And the YouTube Creator niche is exploding because people want to be on YouTube. There’s a younger generation that wants to be on YouTube. I would expect vid IQ easily to 10 million subs in the next year or two just because of all the interest and the upcoming generation wanting to be on YouTube. I was on one live screen and basically on the live stream. There were kids on there, and a lot of kids wanted to be YouTubers; vid IQ would gladly help those kids out and try to help them to be the best they could be. And that’s one thing they’ve been doing that’s been good overall, and just allowing people to grow into YouTube. And it’s influencing, and they’re motivating people to do great things. When that’s not always the case. Not every channel is trying to encourage people on a level that they’re trying to do. One thing that vid IQ did well to grow their channel is they have multiple people now that are working on the channel, on the applications on the podcast, and all that stuff. And it does make a difference for the channel because no person is necessarily overwhelmed, or at least to the point where we can’t see it. And they’re able to manage all these different platforms and social media, and it’s impressive what they’ve been able to do. They also are very good at connecting. They’ll shout out to other creators on Twitter and do things that allow them to grow. And I’m sure other creators use them to get the keyword search down and do other things. So a lot is going on in it compared to their competitors. They’re doing very well just because they offer their friendly service and all this jazz despite having a ton of subscribers and followers all over social media. They do go all out to help you if you point out and ask them.

Of course, if you’re in a live stream and 500 people are commenting, it’s not always easy to get through. But if you reach out to other social media, there are different ways to reach out to them. So whenever they can see you, they will comment and get back to you. And very accessible is one of the niches they have that’s made them very well. They also partner with other more prominent YouTube channels, such as THiNK Media, which has made them successful. And these partnerships of bringing famous YouTubers on to talk to them have also made them very successful as they’re able to retain that audience and get that audience into their channel. To people who want to also be like those YouTubers and grow their YouTube channels, stay bait crate, so basically they are creating one of the abilities to bring new people in, and that’s what you have to do to make an exceptional YouTube. You have to bring new people in and do things that bring in new audiences. They’re able to get a natural organic audience by doing the podcasting and all that other stuff that brings in new audiences to a channel, and I don’t even think they would need the application. At the same time, the app is their best feature. But with the application, it does make a difference. But I think if you are a YouTuber and you have a blog or something, just something that you can do that you can deliver value to people outside YouTube, that’s what vid IQ is done very well and taking it to the next level. And that’s one of the fantastic things about this company, are they are inspirational from that standpoint because they’ve looked at all the ways that you can create this YouTube channel and do something unique with the resources that they have and being able to make this substantial channel that has just grown because there was a significant interest around the pandemic time. It just kept growing and growing and growing until its channel is where it’s today, with over a million subscribers. And I would expect them to keep rolling hardcore with all the help they have, especially if they keep up what they’ve been trying to do. They’re very respectful to people, they try their best to be respectful, and you will get a lot of value out of their content. Their content is worth it, just from a video perspective,e and creating videos that are better than what you’ve made before. If you watch their videos weekly, you will improve, and there is no doubt about that, my mind, especially the free videos on their YouTube channel.

In the end, what they have done is they have changed education forever. And that’s what you have to do; you have to be willing to do things differently, and vid IQ got out of those old things and just tried to create a channel that was entertaining and educational. And in the end, that’s what you have to do to do some great things to create a channel that is educational yet entertaining is not easy. We’ve all been there with a college professor who wasn’t hot but very good. And when you get on a vid IQ situation, or you’re watching one of their videos, I feel entertained, and they know how to keep your attention because they’ve studied videos for so long. And the fantastic thing about it is they have built up years of experience, which probably was not easy to come by. And because of that, they have some of the best educational videos on YouTube. Some creators are developing new video editing techniques in the education area. However, from the daily posting of videos, VID IQ is still the top dog when it comes to educational content because they have so many different options that they provide, along with the videos, so you could go back quickly because they create evergreen content and watch most of their content from years ago. And in fact, I get recommended videos all the time regarding a lot of their older content. Now I typically do not click those videos for whatever reason, but it is something that they have. Those videos are meant to last a very long time, so they’re helpful.

And that’s where they’re at from a perspective like they are to the point where their videos last a long time. So when you get on there, you’re going to see over five years of content that you have for free that you can check out, and that is unheard of in the education space. I think a lot of educators need to take that route of understanding. Hey, it takes time to build up a library, but once you build up a library, those videos can be watched forever. You’re getting that value of watching all those videos from all the years that vid IQ has been around, and I think that’s an exciting thing is all those tips they give you. A lot of them are very transferable to even today on YouTube. Now some items may not be like features that YouTube has taken away. Still, the videos about how to do stuff regarding the video editing side of things are extremely helpful in making sure you have good thumbnails, good titles, good descriptions, and good keywords; all the basics are out there to teach you to be even better as a YouTuber and if you do that and you do the right things I do think if you follow what they’re saying you will have an excellent chance of being one of the top YouTubers ever. Still, you have to put in the work, and you have to watch their videos to understand what’s going on. And I think that is precisely where it’s at there. You can either not listen to advice or fail miserably. Or if you do listen to their advice, you will be successful, and there’s no doubt in my mind regarding video making. What you’re able to do if you fall with vid IQ is trying to do

So, overall, your mantra of having great titles and great thumbnails does transfer very well, and something applicable that you can start right now and start improving from your first video. You’re going to want to improve; you’re going to feel motivated. You’re going to feel like you can do something great. And that’s the fantastic thing about what they have done you are going to feel like you can improve and do even more than what you thought was possible. And those little things are what you have to do as a YouTuber to do those small things, those small steps that make you better every day, and they do a great job of just walking you through that process for a beginner and have some perfect top-notch beginner videos that can help you be much better on YouTube.

So from a beginner standpoint, you have to look out for the beginner if you’re doing education because most of your audience will be beginners. And they’ve done an excellent job of walking you through that. Whether that’s in the app or their actual videos, they understand that someone could be coming to their video that’s not necessarily an expert. Most of their videos catered to that beginner audience, and that’s where their primary audience is coming from. From. Because the uptick in YouTubers in the future will allow vid IQ to explode even further because they have so much backlog of content from the years that the YouTube algorithm has proved. So they’re set up to blast even more as an education channel. And with all that evergreen content that lasts forever. They have been primed to be the top YouTuber for a very long time. So that’s what you have to do as a YouTuber; you have to think long-term Yeah, your videos may not get a lot of views today, but as vid IQ would preach, your videos can get more views later on, and you can’t give up. You sometimes have to keep going. The views may happen a month or two later. A lot of times for new YouTubers, one of the most challenging things about YouTube is that sometimes it takes a few months for things to cater to or catch on because you don’t have an audience. And I think they do an outstanding job of explaining what it’s like not to have an audience and how you need to keep going. And eventually, your audience will show up you’ll either find search engine optimization or the right keyword that will grow your channel. And that’s fascinating stuff that they do. That does take it to the next level, and they’re honest about it. They don’t try to wish you wash rounded. They do. Tell you how it’s going to be and what you need to do and how to trend Jack and do things that other YouTubers are doing or create excellent educational content and a niche that you’re in, and you want to share with other people. And I think that’s really what it’s all about because they go deep into sharing your passion. In a way, they’re a passionate educator. They teach people how to share their passions on YouTube. And I think that’s such a great thing that they are doing. That’s game-changing and life-changing in so many ways that can change the world and broaden horizons and make the world a better place. And in the end, that’s really what you want. You want something that’s going to make the world a better place. And they have won the award when it comes to making the world a better place and allowing people to be educated and how to share on social media, and social media can be something that people don’t want to do. Maybe they’re starting a YouTube channel. They don’t understand thumbnails; perhaps they don’t even know anything about thumbnails, and vid IQ has plenty of videos on how to make great thumbnails that are superb—and reiterating that message and how you need to compare with other channels and use their tips from their lives and more that take it to the next level. And it’s an incredible feat that they have gone through to allow them to drive upon this path of a step-by-step program to become better YouTubers. And you eventually kind of pick up on new things you want to learn outside of that IQ, and I think that’s cool too. So they’re not just like okay, well we’re vid IQ know they’re like, Okay, this channel is doing an excellent job. You definitely should check out this channel. It’s not just all about vid IQ. They also are willing to say hey, take a look at these channels. Look at their thumbnails, and let’s see what’s doing and why they are getting a higher click-through rate. So they’re all about also studying other channels. It’s not just about what vid IQ says. They have evidence that backs it up by reviewing all these channels, reviewing big media, and being able to point out an example of what you could be doing wrong. And that is a big thing with vid IQ that sets them apart and makes them even better than anybody else on the service of YouTubers and makes them better YouTubers through education because they’ve been doing it so long; they know what they’re doing. And it’s such an incredible thing to see

I do believe that more educators would take this mantra that it’s not a competition, but it’s about helping someone become better and freely giving their content out on YouTube or a blog or anything else. They’d be amazed at the results over time. And vid IQ has shown the pathway for doing this very well. It’s something that is not incredibly easy to do by any means.

However, you almost have to be a servant like vid IQ has been to get to the point of where they are at this point in time. And I think that’s the incredible thing that they’ve been able to do is they are a servant and helping people on YouTube get even better. And no, it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. However, their service mentality leads you to believing that you can actually make it on this platform and how to do it by finding your niche and being able to do something that you didn’t think you could do previously. And that is one thing that IQ has done, as well beyond the normal as well beyond what was thought to be possible. It’s well beyond anything that we really think about education, that servant mentality, there is no lecture with that IQ they are telling you in the most entertaining way possible, and are open to helping you and when you have that mentor mentality. Like they have. That’s really what it takes to make it an education these days. You can’t be hardcore and not be willing to help people out and answer questions.

That’s just simply not going to fly in the modern crater economy. And the whole goal is basically to get your questions on YouTube that you need to answer for your business or your job and educate people on specific topics, and then do that. And that’s what vid IQ is teaching you; if you have a business, why not make videos on YouTube so you can share those videos with clients? So you don’t have to like ask questions all day long. And that’s something they’ve done very well because that IQ will always direct you to another video at their end screens. And yes, this is recommended for any YouTuber, but that’s precisely what they’re doing. They’re allowing you to go down the rabbit hole of getting better. And I think that’s an excellent blueprint for any YouTube or a business trying to come on YouTube. It’s not just the education space that’s affected. It’s another area that’s also involved, and that is your business. And educating people about some regions of your business can also apply to the lessons that vid IQ has been able to implement with their business. So the library of content that they have is used as a resource to promote then their application and other things that they’re trying to do. The same can hold for you if you enable your blog, for instance, by using a YouTube channel to promote your blog. And that’s an excellent thing. The same holds with a podcast; you could use your YouTube channel to promote your podcast or any other social media platform. And I think that’s really what you have to look at. You design the channel around your product or your business, and they’ve explained how to do that. Make good thumbnails make good titles, make good descriptions have all the tag indicators in there that lead to the next level while also you are walking you through all those processes. And if you can do that at a business, you’ll have a million-dollar business.

So from that perspective, it’s not just about you too; when it comes to that IQ, it’s about doing the exemplary practices that lead to an area that makes you good at what you do, and I think that’s so cool of what they’ve done and been able to implement with what they’re trying to do.

In the end, look at their YouTube channel, and you’ll be amazed at what they’ve accomplished by having a good value approach to YouTubers and keeping the content clean. Entertaining, you can look at some tricks and tips they use for entertainment, such as hooks and having a story and your YouTube video. That can make a huge difference, and they’ll walk you through everything about how to do that. You need to search their videos, and I think you will find that it’s an incredible journey that they’re going to take you on, and they get the stamp of approval because of all they’ve done to make education change forever. And it has changed forever because of channels like vid IQ that have shown that free education is possible and that people will still support you if you offer additional items that can make you successful as a business. So they’ve shown a roadmap of how education can be grown, and I may think a lot of people felt like it’s not possible on YouTube to create an education channel and make money. Still, they will tell you that it is possible to share your passions and your education interest and do all that other stuff and lead to having successful results on YouTube or your website or blog because you’re funneling people back into those things. And that’s precisely what you want to do from a business perspective. So it’s impressive what vid IQ has accomplished, and props to them. Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube. channel because it’s that good.






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