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Why MrBeast Broke YOUTUBE and GOT 100 Milllion SUBS Free BOOK

Chapter 1

MrBeast is one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet. He looks out for the better good people while also making incredible videos on YouTube. This is a rare attribute that a lot of people do not have. It is inspirational and unbelievable, as he started from humble roots. Mr. Beast deleted one of his first YouTube channels or videos, and I think that the main thing is it’s someone who came from nothing. It is someone who paid their dues. It is someone who bets on you too.

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And yes, that was not easy to do. It is someone who went through many struggles and never gave up. It is someone who decided that they would do something that has never been done before, without anything to start. If inspiration is something that this is, he is the definition. He came from nothing. He ended up buying his mom house.

However, it was not easy. He devoted his entire childhood, to this dream, to this dream of creating a channel that would eventually reach over one hundred million subscribers. What an incredible feat Mr. Beast took on. It is something that a lot of people cannot even do.

The perseverance it took for him to achieve this incredible goal is inspiring. It is something that we do not see every day. Few people would have been able to do this. But he loved making videos, and he is someone that would be making videos even if he did not have 100 million subscribers on YouTube. To do something great. A lot of times, you must push forward. It would be best if you went beyond your limits. It would help if you continually improve until you become something you did not know you could even become.

This is precisely what he did early on. This is exactly how he did it. He kept getting better each time. It may not have been every video. It may have been a slow process. However, he kept going even in the darkest hours. When he thought about quitting, he decided to pick up and keep going. And that is what you have to do many times in life, just like what he did. You must go out there and persevere. And this is someone who did something that many people could not do; he kept going with the steps forward. Those steps ahead are not always easy, especially on YouTube. One of the most competitive social media platforms in the world.

It will help if you have an alternative mindset, a mindset of not quitting, a mentality of going on when the going gets tough. And that’s one of the exciting things about you, too, are you have to push yourself to the limits to get better, whether that’s making better thumbnails which he has mastered to earn the click creating incredible videos using a ton of transitions in a short amount of time and then doing impossible challenges that hook the viewer to make you watch.

The retention standards that you must meet to be successful at YouTube are insane. A lot of people do not think about these standards. They believe it is almost a joke. And I am here to tell you today that Mr. Beast has done something very few people can do. He has decided to get to the point where he inspires others.

Chapter 2

Looking out for other people is what his videos are about. It is not the challenges. It is three awards at the end. If you notice, he gives away everything. He is the Jesus of YouTube when you look at it this way. He does not care. He wants to be successful on this social media platform called YouTube while helping other people in the world by planting millions of trees around the globe; he proved that his influence is not used for just political gain. It is used to make a better world.

It is a rare trait and a trait that we often do not see. And that is what makes it so unique, what Mr. Beast has done. It is something that a lot of people cannot do. He went years without viewers. When he first reached one hundred million subscribers. The first thing he said was

He went back to where he was before he went back to where he first started, where he only had a few subscribers, and that was one of the exciting things when I watched his one hundred million subscriber video, and you all should go back and watch the moment where he hit it. He talks about his journey and where he went, where he has been, and how it did not come easily. How he went many years without many subscribers, and this is something exciting when it comes to YouTubers that a lot of them go many years without any success. It can be a cold call to be a YouTuber. It takes a lot in your journey to do such a thing. It takes moments where you feel like you are going to quit, where no one is subscribing to your channel where you cannot get people to click on your videos. And he went through all that and got to the point where people wanted to watch his content where he could make longer videos, and people would like to watch it all the way through. He figured out how to make people watch his videos, but it took many years.

 It is not an overnight success. Many people have this idea that YouTube is an easy platform that you can make if you post random videos. And the fact of the matter is you must be focused. You must be someone like him that goes out there and tries his best tries to improve every single time. Whether that is making better thumbnails, whether that is making better titles, or just having interesting challenges, like what he does that make the world a better place.

It is interesting when you see someone go all out and do something like he has, who has gone through the endurance of the marathon of what YouTube is all about. And it is something that is not done every single day.

It would help if you did something unbelievably. It would be best if you did something with your hours to do something great. It would help if you started as he did on YouTube too. He did not know what he was doing in the beginning. He did incredible challenges, such as naming YouTubers names 1000s of times; in fact, it was even more than that. It was like 10,000 times.

This type of endurance and demanding work, and perseverance are what it takes to be something great. And he is one of the most extraordinary businesspeople and YouTubers now because of the incredible arduous work that he put forth on YouTube.

Chapter 3

It is incredible what he has done. It is impressive how he has pushed forward on this platform. It is tremendous how he has not given up, no matter the challenges. No matter what he has gone through. He has kept it.

Going despite the adversity. Despite those moments when he wanted to give up. He kept going. He kept believing in his dreams. No matter the moment, no value the time, no matter the time of day. He would always upload a video no matter what it took. And that one of the most amazing things about him is he would upload no matter what and through hundreds and hundreds of uploads. He eventually got to the point where he was dominating YouTube, gaining a subscriber every second, which, my friends, was unheard of.

It is something we have never seen before. Anyway, I do not know if we will ever see it again. His videos have a setup of being something that has never been seen before. Key has original content. And I think to be successful on YouTube; you must have original content. If you do not have this original content, you will not make it, and this is the matter, my friends. It would be best if you do something original like what he did.

There was an incredible amount of fire and what he did, but he was not there initially. Originally, he could not break through, no matter what he did. He could not break through. It was a fight. It was a struggle. It was something that he thought he was not going to be able to do for numerous reasons. Yet. He kept uploading.

For years and years. He went without a lot of subscribers. Yet he kept going. He kept pushing forward, a lesson we can all have in our lives if we keep moving and do not give up. Suppose we do those trivial things that can impact our lives. We can be significant. And that is the fantastic thing about it; it is a matter of sticking with something. This is a perfect example of someone who stuck with something and went all out to become the greatest they could be.

And sometimes, in life, you must go all out, just like the most amazing YouTubers.There is no joke to this. There was no guarantee that he was going to be successful. There was no moment in his life where he said hey, I for sure I am going to make this, but he did it. Anyway, he did. It was because he saw something on YouTube that no one else saw. And that was if he kept going. He would eventually get there.

He would get to that moment where he was becoming significant. And that is the mantra that is the mindset you must have whenever you have any goal in your life. To become great. It would help if you did something that no one else has done. You must be willing to go to those moments where maybe no one’s watching your content, where no one wants to even look at your content.

Because you have not reached that point where your content is good, which is the tricky part, that is the challenging part. You are not hitting the latest trends. You are not doing a respectable job with the editing process of your videos. Yet he continued despite these struggles; his earliest videos were not the most fantastic. They were simplistic. They were not something that was groundbreaking by any means. Yet he kept going. He held the struggle alive. He said I was not going to do anything but YouTube. That is all about which he would talk. He was obsessed with YouTube and what he wanted to do. It was all about becoming the most incredible YouTuber ever.

Chapter 4

He was known as a YouTube guy at his high school. He would go there, and many of his friends would say, hey, stop talking about YouTube or at least think about it. I do not think anyone told him to stop talking about YouTube yet. He kept going despite the odds, despite the struggles.

This is what he wanted to do in life. He wanted to share his knowledge and make the world a better place. And once he figured out how to do that, he kept going, and yes, his content may be sensational, yet that is what you have to do these days. This aspirational content that he makes is a way that he can deliver a message. There are different mediums, such as books, for instance, movies. He discovered the medium of YouTube and how to have a statement that was original, sensational, and unique that made an incredible difference for the entire world. And that is precisely what you must do when you go towards your dreams to the inspiration. The struggle for triumph that he overcame to become the greatest there ever was on YouTube was not easy.

 It was something that did not come overnight. It took many years to get to that point of being able to do what he was doing. And that is a significant part of his success on YouTube. It was about bringing everything he had ever learned together to become successful. And that is the mindset you have to have. The pieces do not always come together until you strike when you realize this is where you need to be. This is the moment. This is the time, which is precisely what happened with this YouTuber. He realized that I could put everything together. I will have the most significant YouTube channels ever. And that is precisely what he did. He fought hard; he fought through the ocean. He fought by going to the sea to create videos. He did everything possible, such as creating videos of famous Netflix TV shows; they are doing everything they could to become the most fantastic YouTuber that there ever has been in the history of YouTube. And that is the mindset that set him apart.

He realized that if I improve in this area, and I keep going, and I improve in that area, and I keep going, and I do not give up, and I do the best that I can. I am going to do something. He said I would do the best I possibly could in his mind. And that is the mindset that you have to take with you to be great, to do great things, to do extraordinary things.

And that is what it is all about. You got to be willing to go to those moments that are going to take you to the next level. And that is precisely what he did. He decided that he wanted to give his mom a better life. And you could see it when he bought his mama’s house and his the YouTube video that you watched.

That is the type of stuff he is; he could have just kept all that money, but it was about something more. It was about why and why he wanted to do YouTube because he wanted to do something for his mom. He wanted to do something like buy a house for his mom so she would not have to struggle any longer. He wanted to do something to make the world a better place. And this has been his philosophy the entire time on YouTube, that he can use his influence to do something more significant, and that is something greater has created a business income. It is made a new creator economy that did not exist before. He was a YouTuber.

Chapter 5

It was not possible to have content the way he has a range that will change the world, that will make the world a better place, and reach millions of people across generational lines. And that is a fantastic thing anyone can watch because he puts a such high quality on his content to produce videos that cost millions of dollars, and not every creator is willing to put that online. He is famous for putting everything he earns back into his videos. And that was the fantastic thing about what he does and can do. That makes him so incredibly great.

You must be willing to do such things as such as what must become great, whether that is podcasting or creating a blog, or posting videos on YouTube. You must be willing to persevere through those moments and those hardships, and then that day will come when you find yourself just like him being successful. It is the most inspirational story that you will ever hear in your entire life because that is precisely what he has done. He has gone the extra mile. He has taken those moments in his life and used those moments to create one of the most excellent YouTube channels ever. And that is what it is really about.

It is about taking everything to the next level. And that is what it is. He is known for every video, one-upping himself. And that is what you must do to be great. You must be willing to go to the next level, whether in sports; he is a notable example of someone who has one-upped himself every time and tried to get better, and yes, it’s not going to be easy. And yes, it can be messy. And yes, you may destroy yourself in the process, but you will build yourself up to the point where you can do beautiful things.

And that is the inspiration that you can get from this successful YouTuber. And now a businessperson who has led an incredible journey in his life beyond anything we have ever seen. And that is what you have to do. You must be willing to go for those gaps, ready to go for those moments back and do something great. And just like what he did, it goes far.

Go deep. He is known for being someone who is very deep, who took that extra mile, and who writes out intense scripts. Yes, he may have a staff that helps him, but he does it the right way. He makes quality content because that is what he is known for. And that is what he wanted to be known for. And he found out on YouTube if you make quality content.

And then you bring other people into that quality content. People will share your content across the platforms, not just YouTube, and your YouTube channel will grow, and once he found this out; once he found out about this collaboration technique, he started exploding on YouTube.

Chapter 6

That is the philosophy. You are not in this alone. A lot of people feel like in business that they are entirely alone, and that is not the case. It is a matter of asking the question, and I need some help. Can you please help me? Those moments will make you that much better at what you do?

Because a person who is on their own will not be great, but a person who collaborates on YouTube has a good chance of growing. We have seen this with other creators where they collaborate, and their channels explode. The same holds for this YouTuber who has gone out of their way to become the most incredible YouTuber of all time. And it is fantastic what they ever accomplish and will accomplish in the future. After he hit one hundred million subscribers, he said I would do much more in the future. It will be interesting to see this book years later and say Did he go the distance?

Did he keep going on to a billion subscribers even? And that is the question we will be asking ourselves, did he keep going beyond to become even more remarkable than he is today? Which is insane. That is the mindset. That is the leveling up that got him to where he is today. And that is the incredible growth mindset of successful people. They find ways to put the pieces together. And that is something that all of us can do. We can find ways to put the pieces together in our lives from our experiences and ways to do something great, like what he has done.

And that is the philosophy you have to have. And that is the way you have to think to be successful. You got to lead with your heart. You got to go a little bit deeper than you believed because you could go years without anybody watching or reading your content and then one day explode. But you must have the belief that it is going to happen, and you have to lead with your heart, and I think that the only way to leave with your heart is to have the belief that you’re going to be successful, and that is precisely what this YouTuber has done. He has led with his heart to become one of the most awesome YouTubers, with one hundred million subscribers and one of the fastest to get there.

And yes, it was not easy. It took endurance. It took learning how to make thumbnails. It took learning how to create titles. It took so much effort to get to one hundred million subscribers. A lot of people these days think it is going to be easy. A lot of people think it is going to be a cakewalk. Well, the thing is, it is not a cakewalk. Nothing in life worth greatness is ever a cakewalk. You must be willing to put in the time when the odds are against you to get better. A little bit every single time and that leveling-up technique that he goes through. It is like going back to school every single time. He looks to level up his content every single time, whether that is buying equipment or buying and completing buildings now these days, but when he first started, it was about buying some equipment like a better computer and some better editing software; these little, trivial things will get you to the next level. He is putting everything back into his content during the creating economy. This is what you must do to get better every single time. And when you do this, something happens inside you.

You find that you are getting better, and as you get better, you get addicted to that process, and this is someone who is addicted to the operation of absolutely getting better. And you must have that mindset. And if you do not have that mindset of improving every time, you’re not going to become the greatest and whatever field you pursue. YouTube is one of the most challenging platforms because it is ultra-competitive.

Chapter 7

It is ultra-hard, and there is always someone to look to knock you off your niche or the area of YouTube that you are in. So, it would be best if we really must be on the ball to be successful on YouTube. And that is what you see about his content; it constantly changes. It always changes; he is not just staying with the same content. He is looking to improve each time, and he is creating creating tiny style that other people on YouTube are trying to replicate.

If you watch most YouTube videos today, you will see many people trying to replicate his content. Whether that is the transitions, the video editing tricks, or having like thirty changes and 10 seconds like he does, watching those videos is precisely what you will see. And that is why those successful transitions retain you on the video. They keep you on the video. They keep you watching, which is the fantastic thing about his videos.

He created the thirty transitions and whatever seconds to make your stay on videos showing you the best part of the video at the beginning. So, you stay on the video. It may not answer what that video is entirely about, but it is enough to keep you on your videos. And that one of the things is he mastered video editing.

And those video editing techniques are what got him to where he is today. And that is one of the exciting things is he was not good at the video; he barely edited his videos previously. Yes, you could argue there is a different time for you too. However, it was a time when you could find yourself and learn, and YouTube is a lot other than what it used to be. It is all about good thumbnails and good titles and getting people to watch your videos, and having a reasonable click-through rate. If you can achieve this, then it is about retention. So obviously, Mr. Beast figured out that it was essential to get people to click, but most importantly, he understood that he had to retain people on his videos. He is the expert in maintaining people on his videos. And that is why he is at one hundred million subscribers. This type of thought process of being able to keep people on your videos. It is not an easy thought process to go through. It is something that you have to think about. Every second matters if you want to get to the point where he is gone as a YouTuber, to get to where he has gone to get those subscribers that everyone wants. You must be willing to go a little bit deeper.

You must be willing to dig into your videos on a level that most people are not willing to get this belief, and it is a belief that editing your videos to the top quality will result in views it is not always easy to hold. Many people feel like more frequently posting as much as possible is the only way to grow on YouTube. The reality is many channels have very high-quality videos. And yes, it may not be the first video that takes off. It can be the 10th video; then, people will watch your other videos. This is the model Mr. Beast has now taken on over time.

Chapter 8

And when you get to that point. When you get to the point where quality matters over quantity, you may have discovered yourself you may have found a way to keep people on your videos and even says that you make one excellent video that you know will be good that people will click on and that will be the video that can make you successful on YouTube. And no, it is not an effortless process. And no, that is believing the process. That is the definition of feeling the process, and that is a highly tricky thing to do for a lot of people. So, believe the process on that level takes past successes, and he has the experience of going through those past successes and past failures and putting those all together into the videos that he makes a day that got him to one hundred million subscribers. You must be willing to go through those struggles if you want to be successful in anything in your life, not just YouTube, and that is precisely what he was able to forego to get to the point where he is today, where he is taking everything to the next level.

And if you want to make it to the next level, you must be willing to level up. Whether it is your video editing skills or something else, authoring better papers, maybe if you’re in college. You must be willing to improve each time, and eventually, after one hundred times of doing that one thing, you will become a lot better at doing that one thing, which can lead to the next level of where you want to be. It does not always happen in public though you need to realize that it is not about going out and flaunting yourself in public. A lot of the best people in the world privately work extremely hard. For many years to get to that moment that shows success. That is just what happens, and to show success as he has as a YouTuber. It would be best if you went through those moments yourself. It would help if you went through the tough moments, the challenging moments where you are trying to improve where you are trying to go towards the goal. And to hit those goals. You must have some dark times to reach the light to reach the top of the mountain that he has brought to have one hundred million subscribers.

And yes, you are going to have some tears, you are going to have some signs where you are crying, and you are going to have sometimes when the moments are not working. But if you continually improve, you constantly try to be the best you can be. You are going to level up to the point where you are getting better; this YouTuber has a list of the videos he wants to make that are clever ideas, and he goes down that list and crosses off that list, trying to figure out if that’s a good video. You cannot just do whatever you want if you want to be successful. This is where we are going by this YouTuber. That is ruins. You cannot expect to make what you want to be successful. It would be best if you completed what your audience wants. And that’s the most prominent problem YouTubers have they want to make what they want. They want to make a family vlog. That is not what you do. You create content that your audience wants, and that’s high-quality content. And that is precisely what he has done as a YouTuber. He went from creating content he wanted to make to creating content everybody wanted to watch, and that is a specific category of YouTubers that is viral to be viral. You must complete the content you do not always want to make; that is hard.

That is sensational. That is not easy to make. But if you put your best foot forward, you may get there yourself. You may get to that next level. You may get to the level. You have always dreamed and your passion, and you have to have the energy to be a YouTuber. There is no doubt about that.

Chapter 9

And the passion ebbs and flows from him. The desire of wanting to be a YouTuber of wanting to be the most incredible YouTuber translates to a lot of different things and a lot of people’s lives. You must want to be the greatest. And if you do not want to be the greatest, you are not willing to put in the time you are not willing to put in effort you simply will not a way not become the greatest or there ever was in a certain category such as this YouTuber Mr. Beast. And that is what it is all about my friends. You must look at it from a unique perspective. You must look at it as I am getting better at this. You find your creativity and the video that you are creating, that is going to reach millions.

You find creativity and that moment when you are helping someone such as this YouTuber. And once you reach that point on the battlefield, where you have realized that you are getting better and that you are making the sacrifices that need to be made to become the greatest. That is where it happens. And it only happens when you fail. This YouTuber could not get subscribers when they first started.

And that is the thing you have to think about. You must be willing to go to the next level. You must be willing to do the items such as studying to get better. MrBeast would do nothing but study YouTube videos.

And he has done it for years. That is all he would do. There was a period where he was not necessarily creating the best videos, but he was studying how to make the best videos. And that is the mantra that you must take in your life. You may not be the best at what you are doing. But if you take one step forward and go back to school, that little step, if you do that day in and day out, you will eventually reach a point where you will break records and to break a record. It would help if you did stuff no one else would do. It would be best if you were consistent such as this YouTuber.

This YouTuber was more consistent than any other YouTuber I know of for years, with little to no views, with views not increasing very quickly. You have to go to that moment where you’re humble, and you’re learning to get better. And I guarantee you that if you are a YouTuber for four years or ten years, you will be good. You are at least going to learn a lot along the way. And you are going to be particularly good in comparison to most people when it comes to video editing, and there is not a doubt in my mind. But are you willing to become the best video editor? Are you ready to put ten years of your life forward on something that you do not have a lot of return for many years, such as Mr. B’s? He did not get to this point. Fast.

He got to this point over years and years of struggle, years of trying to become the best that he could be, and that is how you must do it. But if you are willing to become the best that you can be, you are just not going to get there. And that is the fact of the matter. You must be willing to put those steps forward and improve each time at video editing. Learn from other YouTubers. There are tons of content on YouTube, where you can go and learn. Are you willing to do that? And we are no matter what field you are in. MrBeast was willing to do that. Are you ready to go out there and do those things that nobody else is willing to do to get better? And that is something that a lot of us get caught up on. It is not about the one-switch moments. It is about all the moments that build up to that very moment of hitting the game-winning shot.

Chapter 10

The YouTube platform is a notable example. Because you look at the past videos of creators who have not deleted them and see the growth, those YouTubers have gone for. And that is the fantastic thing about YouTube is you see that growth. You see those moments where they were not incredibly good, such as this YouTuber, but they got much better over time. And then until they are the best on their platform or in there, they are, and that’s precisely what Mr. Beast has done. Has he gotten better every single time?

It would help if you went to when everybody tells you to stop. It would help if you went when everybody says it is not worth it anymore. And yes, this YouTuber went through those moments when he felt it was not worth it anymore. Yet he persevered, and you are going to go through moments when your career or whatever your dream is where you are like, is it worth it anymore? Is it worth it? And you must push through because if you do not, you will never know what is on the other side like he does. You will forever think in your mind on your deathbed what if.

Did I do everything I could to make my dreams happen? And if you sit there and say I did not give my heart to what my goals were going to be. You will find yourself on the shores of those souls who never knew their potential, and this YouTuber knows their potential because they gave it their all and made it, which is why making it to one hundred million subs is such a huge deal. It is insanely awesome.

And that is something that is insanely true. And when you get to that point where you realize you have done something so incredible, that it is insane like this. You will feel a sense of pride, like you have never felt before. You will have grown so much and that is the way to is he had to go on his own for many years before making it to the point where he could hire a team hire a crew to help him edit his videos to help him with his thumbnails.

So, you get higher click-through rates; you must almost think of it as a business. And if you are not thinking of a company, you are thinking of a wrong, and in your life, you should be doing to be able to support yourself in the later years hopefully. You got to almost think of it like a retirement plan. And that is precisely how he thought of it. He thought of it to continue to grow to get those points where he can make history, but you must think of it as a long game.

You cannot get into this game and think hey, this is precisely what will happen. I am just going to make it. No, you will go through years and years of struggle like he did. But he pushed through those struggles and did not give up; he went through those struggles and thought, I can do this. I can do something great. I can do something nobody else thought can be done. And that is the mantra. That is the moment when you find that you did it. Where you did something, you must be willing to take it to a place where people do not want you to do it. And he pushed it out to where even it is like, is this ever going to happen? Is this ever going to happen is a question that went through his mind. And he kept pushing through, no matter the struggle, no matter the pain. This is beyond marathoner endurance. This is ultra-marathoner endurance that it took for Mr. Beast to become successful. And that is what you must do.

Chapter 11

That is the mantra. That is the take on it, guys. And when you reach that point, when you get the point where you are starting to gain the momentum, and he began to gain momentum, and he capitalized, and you must be able to capitalize on that momentum, to reach that moment, where it is like, I can do this.

I need to keep going. And when you reach that moment, everything changes. When you get that moment, you feel the momentum. You fill all the skills you spend years coming together. You feel that moment, that moment in time, where everything is happening, where you start to gain those subscribers, you begin to gain the retention numbers that are needed, and you start to achieve a higher click-through rate on your videos. And you know why? Many YouTubers do not even know why they are getting views on their videos. But eventually, you gain the experience that you know why that happened. And you must obtain that point.

To be successful in any content creation. You must know why it is working. And he figured out why it was working. And once you get to that point where you know it is working and why it is. That is where everything changes. That is where you can capitalize on years of challenging work, tears, and nothingness. And you get to that point where you fight it through everything, and you become that person because of that one moment, and you do not know the opportunities that lie years down the road. But you will if you keep working or at least create the best chances of those great opportunities occurring down the road. But you must be willing to make those opportunities happen down the road. And that is all about your willingness to be great, much like this YouTuber. MrBeast.

You must be willing to create; you must love it as your passion. And then everything will start aligning because of all the skills you have learned to become better on YouTube or whatever you are doing in your life. Everything can change in moments, but you must be willing to put in the work, and that is, my friends, the best thing about it. That is, my friends, what you can do. Suppose you set your mind to anything. This is a perfect example of anything being possible. You can create a new economy. And that’s precisely what Mr. Beast has done. He made a new economy, a new crater economy that did not exist before that was created in the hope of helping people by planting trees in the world. Of doing things that were thought to be impossible previously on YouTube. And you must have that mantra that those impossible things are possible, but you must be willing to collaborate with others.

Most of his videos, you realize are him collaborating with other people. That is such a cool thing. He has been so successful because he has been willing to collaborate with these people to get to the point where success is possible. After all, there is always more you can do with collaboration than with other people. And that is the fantastic thing he quadrupled, he one hundred times his ability and potential by starting collaborations with people when it was not possible previously when it was just himself that my friends are why MrBeast is over one hundred million subscribers.



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