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Why did Beluga Youtuber Break Youtube?

One of the fastest-growing YouTube channels ever is Beluga. This is what this YouTuber has done, and it is crazy. The amount of growth through the discord conversations that this YouTuber creates is insane. This YouTuber has latched on to storytelling and has done an incredible job of telling stories, and that is what you want to be able to do.

Beluga is someone who has mastered the art of sound effects and being able to create a story and is a model for storytellers. The retention times on his videos must be insane. He can hook viewers with very engaging conversations, and it’s not something you do every day that you see.

When you see a YouTuber-created channel, a lot of times they struggle with being able to retain they’re not able to get the clicks, but the style that beluga has traded can get those clicks very quickly because it’s able to relate with people and the discord conversations are extremely funny, and this is what you have to do as a YouTuber you have to be extremely funny, and that’s why he rose so fast. The conversations are just next level.

The idea of producing a Discord server that has a cat-making conversation is the most original idea that you’ll ever see. These conversations are incredibly dense and fast, and the quickness of these conversations holds your attention when you watch these videos. This is one of the few channels that has been extremely successful without having any voiceovers but just using text only. The text, though, keeps you watching throughout the entire video. And that is the intelligent thing about his videos is beluga can capture that intrigue that wants to see more in the story, and you can’t look away; the fact that you cannot look away during his stories shows just the amount of work that he’s put into the stories that he has on his channel. Additionally, the sound effects add to the stories that this YouTuber can create and have given rise to just total domination when it comes to trending on YouTube. Additionally, he uses what is called Shout outs to prominent YouTubers, which has helped propel him into the trending tab of YouTube and get his content shared even more by creating content related to other YouTubers that the person following will then watch his videos.

It is one of the best ways to grow on YouTube if you know how to do it the correct way and he also has used social media platforms such as Twitter to grow his following even further. This is a necessary thing that you need to do these days to become a successful YouTuber. Twitter allows a follower to be able to connect a little bit easier than even more convenient to have currently on YouTube. While this may change in the future, the funny comments, and the gestures that this YouTuber has gone through. Just want you to make a follow happen or a subscriber on the YouTube channel.

This YouTuber was confident in their ability to create great content, unlike other YouTubers; he walked out there and said I’m going to change my YouTube channel. And that is precisely what he did. He created one of the most viral YouTube channels possible and said he would break the internet. That is exactly what he did. He was able to do something that not many people have thought of. And it was a highly creative idea, and it worked very well. The quick chats do bring in something that we have not seen before. On YouTube

Being able to capture someone’s attention on YouTube takes a tremendous amount of effort. You cannot just walk into YouTube and expect to be an expert at retaining viewers. Most people struggle to maintain viewers at a decent amount in the beginning, alone for a whole video.

Beluga has been able to master the art of retention, which many YouTubers fail to even expert or even come close to mastering. This sub-grow growth is astronomical at the time of this writing over eight million subscribers. This is only going to increase soon with a cat icon with glasses. That is all you need to be successful. I am just kidding, guys, but it is a sound icon for a channel.

The cat even has a smirk. I mean, why not? Blog has also mastered the art

Of being able to bring music, did you know the name? Do not forget it is a dolphin name. That is why I spelled it that way. This is something that he does in his writing within the discord server conversations are now he is branched off into other things such as text messages and other stuff. This type of stuff brings in the action. It throws you off and makes you go back and watch. He is an expert in that. Go back and tend to drive that watch time up. So, YouTube will promote his videos even more. He will present a lot of different options on the screen. And his video when mom comes home in one minute and. He has mastered the heart of text messages, as his mom texts him with many options. This causes people to go back and watch the video. Additionally, he adds a ton of music to the video, which adds to the drama. He is an expert storyteller. And that is really what you must be on YouTube to be successful. Therefore, he’s been able to get many subscribers based on his stories. That relates to a lot of different people. His stories are meant to relate to many people, which drives his views even higher. It is the place you want to be on YouTube.

This is necessary for the YouTube algorithm. The algorithm likes when people stay on your video and click through your videos. He has mastered the art form of such a thing. For people to click on your video, it must be relatable. If it is not relatable, then you will fail. And that is just simply a fact. And this YouTuber has completely overcome those things by making engaging content. His content is the definition of what uncaging is. I am just checking that it is interesting. We all know cat videos do well on YouTube; he has trend-jacked cats. Cats do well on YouTube, which is a matter of fact. And being able to create a cat with sunglasses is a definition of success. As we all know from the I love cats’ video; there is a reason he is not a tiny channel anymore. And it is obvious

We call this a Spaceballs factor. Spaceballs. Was it a successful movie because of its funniness? Being able to be funny is a part of YouTube and can allow your content to grow far. But just being funny is not enough. You must have those hooks. You must have those moments that make things super amusing and allow for shareability once you get to the point where everything can be shared; that is where everything changes because the content is being shared amongst many people. Then it just spreads like wildfire.

And that is really where you want to be on YouTube. Where everything is at that point where at least you have a slight chance to get shared, and he is an expert in getting his content shared amongst a massive amount of people, and that will lead you to have ultimate success on YouTube. Because you are not just relying on the algorithm, then. If you no longer depend on the algorithm, you can do much more for Yourself. This, in turn, is a cycle because what it is going to do will cause that video to be pushed by the algorithm because it’s being shared, so that’s another factor that takes into account what he is doing as a YouTuber.

Shareability is the main currency of YouTube. A lot of people say it is retention a lot of people say it is click-through rate. Know if Your content is being shared. You are going viral, which is precisely what is happening with his YouTube channel.

So as a YouTuber or a content creator, it would help to think about how your content can be shared. It is never about just being one thing. It would help if you thought about this all the time because all roads lead to sharing ability for content will not be shared and the end. It will stop now. Yes, you have search engine optimization and other things that will make you successful. However, in the future, you must create stories that influence people. And when you get to that point, that is ccsillyTaccesss where you see where you are going will lead you to those moments of being able to be like this YouTuber.

And yes, he has this unique ability with all his stories and titles. His titles are story-based, they make you want to click, and that is what you must do. And it is incredible what he has done from a clickability standpoint of being able to go out there and get the click which is extremely hard on YouTube. YouTube is one of the most complex platforms to grow because he is so young and already that successful on YouTube says what is possible for this YouTuber in the future if you want to be successful on YouTube, you must have this storytelling ability.

And we have seen this repeatedly for prominent YouTubers. You know who they are; I do not even need to mention them. They cany to get you to have an emotional response from those who who stories, which is a ridiculously tricky thing to do. Once mastered, however, that is where it goes, and he has mastered the art of storytelling on his YouTube channel. And in other areas, his interactions with his community, from his Twitter posts. All of these give to the brand and message of the cat with sunglasses and the sense of humor that his videos show that allows for that shareability, so he’s not just getting shareability from, let’s say, his videos, he’s getting shareability from his social media posts, which is just next level, which is why he has over 8 million subscribers at this time, and most likely we’ll have 10 million soon

He also has a passion for what he is doing. He posts videos non stop. It is consistent nonstop posting. As soon as here gets down, the video is on to the next one. And that’s where you have to be successful from any standpoint because every moment you post a video, that’s a chance for you to grow. He’s able to improve at a faster pace because he’s able to do these things that no one else can do because he’s able to improve his craft. By enhancing his art every time, he can take on everything at a top level. If you look at his videos even earlier, he has improved his added text messages from his mom, for instance, allowing them to be even better original wishes, Discord, and conversations. He has evolved from that standpoint and can do even more. And that is what you must do as a YouTuber. You must be willing to develop or improve and level up your skills and abilities, much like this star YouTuber has done. And he is going to grow to 50 million subscribers. Just because of the way his content works. It is very shareable, and it will be something that continues to grow over time. And once you get to that point, you gain that momentum. That is where everything changes. On YouTube, it is a momentum game at a certain point. You gain tspeedtum, find out who you are, and then your niche down to what you are good at. And he has done an excellent job of just niching down at the storytelling, which he is incredibly good at, and what you have to do to get to that point. Once your niche is down to that storytelling that he is so good at and getting the sound effects exactly right along with the music soundtracks, he has been able to explode. It seems simple at first. However, he is had previous YouTube channels. This is not his first gig. He used that experience to cross-promote his videos across a comprehensive line of actions to reach a broad audience. And he did something exciting. He announced his videos across N screens. For his channel and his other successful channels. And sometimes that is what you must do. Suppose you want to live the dream. You must be able to take it to the next level. And that next level was promotion through a catalyst kind of behavior. And that behavior just led it to be unique.

YouTube is a long game, but he stayed consistent. The consistency of this YouTuber is unbelievable. By posting videos all the instant, you get what is called an algorithm push, and the algorithm favors your content more. Now not every YouTuber does this because you must be able to meet consistency and quality every single time. But if you keep on getting clicks and your engagements extremely high after a few videos, YouTube’s going to start pushing your content. It does not always get you there, but the quality will often contact you to the point on YouTube where you can explode. And that is precisely what has happened here. And you can argue his videos are easier to make or harder to make. What has happened here is he is just mastered what had to be done to make him better to make him a better YouTuber. And I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes you got to master stuff that you can also mass produce. And once you set it all up, then you can produce more videos, you can tell the story, and now he is just telling the story because he is gone through all the struggles of getting used to that software to be able to create the videos that he can make now at a consistent schedule. The YouTube thumbnails are not the most amazing ever, but neither are viral videos and when you look at his thumbnails, there is something innate that makes you want to click. It is a little message. It is like the text messages and the cat faces and all that stuff that makes you want to click on his videos. And that is how he can get such fantastic retention and click-through rate on his videos because he delivers the message immediately as soon as you get into his videos. You see the amazingness of the conversation. There is no clickbait here. This is the conversation, and he is just taking snippets from the discussion that make you want to click. I think the most challenging thing that he must choose is what is the best thing to choose. And that is extremely tough and challenging to be able to do. How exactly do you choose the best thing in there? He has done it consistently and has been able to produce a high click-through rate and all his thumbnails, and that is why the channel has so much momentum right now.

Know bars on tended when you get to that point where you have that momentum, where everything changes. That is the moment that you reach. That can lead to some significant incredible growth. And he is niched, download to the quality areas at work. He knows that if I do something over here, I may not get as many views, but if I do something over here, I will get more ideas. And that is exactly how you grow on YouTube. That is precisely how you explode on YouTube. You niche down to what is working the most. And the discord server conversations were an original idea. It is something that had not been tried previously. He knew it would break the internet, as he said in one of his Minecraft videos. And, of course, he broke the internet. The impossible happened. The impossible we did not think we could see you occur with this content creator through a massive growth strategy by knowing what you’re doing, and he knew exactly what he was doing. From an entertainment perspective from a perspective that would allow enormous growth

You are showing that any good strategy on YouTube takes a lot of preparation. I do not think you should start a YouTube channel. And not have a vast amount of preparation. You need to know what is going into. What are you doing? What is your goal? What are you trying to do? As this YouTuber did, go and watch his channel, and you will see the massive number of things he did to create success. And you must pray for a strategy where you think you can find success, which may be just creating another channel that allows you to find that success. This is precisely what he did. He made another channel after you had learned the ins and outs of YouTube. It is also suitable for people to create different channels; they understand different segments and markets when making videos because you don’t want to create videos that people juick on. Well, he knew how to market his channel. Exactly. And he gave YouTube an audience by putting in screens that allowed people to click on those videos

It is a fantastic thing that he was able to do overall by going out there and creating a ton of videos; you get to the point where something clicks on its own, and that click happens on a level. That almost seems random, but it is not accidental. You eventually see that your audience likes something, and you must do what your audience wants. If you are not following what your audience wants, you will fail on YouTube. You cannot create content that the audience does not like, and that is precisely how he has done it and how he has been able to do so much on this platform. When you start creating stuff that the audience begins liking, then you find your niche, but it is hard at times to know what the audience wants. So, you really must have a clear understanding of precisely what the audience wants. And if you are not there if you are not at that point, then you are going to have more trouble.

So, I encourage you really look at what he has done and look at his channel and subscribe even and even put notifications on to see how he posts. He may be young, but he is a genius, and you have to be a genius. Almost you have to think outside of the box to be a great YouTuber, and this is precisely what this YouTuber has done. He is entirelsupposedht outside the box

In a way that was not thought possible. Thinking creatively is something that takes time. It will help boost your creativity. You always have to be focusing on something. This YouTuber focuses on everything to the max. And that is what you must do. As soon as you start focusing on what you can do each day to improve as he has, you will then find yourself he is passionate about what he creates. And that is where you must be, too; you’re not going to be successful if you’re not passionate about what you make. And that is why he has found so much success on YouTube because I,n everything he does, e is passionate about his learn the ins and outs. After all, knows failure is there. He knew that times would be there when I hey, he may have wanted to quit writing those discord conversations is not an easy thing to do. It would help if youpushedustpushedh yourself to get past those moments.

And when you do that, that is precisely when you will be successful. You must be able to push past those moments that get you to that point of success. And by giving birth to multiple YouTube channels, who knows how many more YouTube channels he has had, he has been able to find a way to perfect and understand what people want and what a broad audience wants so YouTube can push his content more into the trending category. And that is one thing that many people lose when they start a channel they do not understand. That is what their audience wants, and you can create random content. And in the end, that is what gets you there. It gets you further because your passion brings you over those hurdles of trying to figure out what your audience wants, and I am sure he went through moments where he was trying to figure out who his audience was. And that is what you must do. You must try to figure it out. It would help if you went a little bit deeper than what you thought was possible. And while it is not the easiest thing in the world, you can do it if you set your mind to I put your mind is not easy. Setting your mind to say I am going to fail a little bit today, but I know I can do this tomorrow is something that he has done very well. Creating the discord conversation was a generational thing.

A lot of people are on Discord these days. This has not always been the case. PC gamers traditionally have been on discord to the game and connect with their community. He has also been using the power of dissent to communicate with his community. And that is the way you must do it. Along with social media platforms, friction keeps rising. Conflict is one of those things that not a lot of people know, and marketing or social media is a game changer fo

For many creators. Well, he utilizes that power to grow even more on YouTube. You cannot underestimate the power of discord for connecting with your audience. And smartly connectvariancer channel to a conflict will allow for more growth as the people who want to communicate with you can connect, and those who do not wish to miscommunicate with you do not have to join that discord. Still, now everybody wants to join his discord. So obviously, it has been an enormous success to make the discord conversations while also being on Discord. It is the perfect fit, guys.

So, all these strategies line up basically, allowing for more growth and opportunities to bring an audience in. And when you combine that with Twitter and the other social media platforms that he has been able to get, he has been able to do something big. Additionally, his community tab posts have been aligned with what His channel is trying to get done. And that has led to a more profound opportunity for his channel.

All these growth strategies you must keep bringing in growth strategies to be successful. If you are not doing that, you will not have the momentum I keep talking about, like this YouTuber has had that is entirely through the roof.

That momentum can cascade if you know what you are doing too, if you are moved, and if you know what you are doing on YouTube like this YouTuber. You can go the extra mile and do something that was not possible previously.

So, you’re failing in another area and not doing as well. Let us say his discord was down at one point. He could have moved over to Twitter and created a Twitter account. You must be thinking about this all the time. But what he also did was collaboration action with other YouTubers, and that is what you also must do at a certain point with your YouTube channel to have success because they’re obviously on YouTube. You want to create a community with your fellow YouTubers. And this is precisely what this content creator has done. The building of that community is what it is all about. And if you keep compounding the community, keep doing the right things. Keep wanting to connect with your audience as he has. You are going to find some serious success. But honestly, guys, it is the stories that brought everything together. If you do all this stuff and you do not know how to tell stories, you are just simply going to fail on YouTube. Today is all about stories.

A lot of people get caught up in everything else. What you need to do like this YouTubers getting the stories that were the number one thing I learned is retention does not happen unless you have a delightful story. If you have a happy account, everything can come from there. All the hope comes from an emotional, engaging tale. And he is exceptionally good at using motion to hook years to make them the best they can be from an engagement and retention perspective on YouTube, which is King on YouTube. Because what happens is you get promoted on YouTube TV, which does not require a good thumbnail. If you want to get promoted on those platforms, you wilmustardod at what you’re doing. And that is precisely what he has done. So, it is not just the thumbnails that have made him successful. It is the other things that have made him successful when it comes to YouTube.

Such as getting promoted in other areas of YouTube, such as other features. Browse the king of YouTube. If you get encouraged the browse, you will be excellent. He’s been able to get his videos over there by all the trend jacking that he’s been able to do by his format; you can trend Jack anything by doing the discord server videos, which allows him to grow even more. So, if there is a popular trend, he can take it to the next level and bring it to that point. So, trend jacking cannot be underestimated with his content at all. The trend of jacking is incredible. And he knows how to do it precisely and well, which is tremendous storytelling power. You combine the trend jacking with the high engagement rate of making you want to watch the video or have to watch the video to see what happens. All the popups and everything that brings it to the next level

So everything with this content strategy is taking the best part of what YouTubers currently do and putting it into Word form, which makes it even better. And then that is where you want to be. That is where you want to go with your goals and your plan, and everything that you are trying to accomplish. And that is going to lead you to an ultra level on YouTube. Everything has brought this YouTuber success because they have done the right things. They have not given up on their strategies. And they have decided that, hey, I am going to do something incredible. I will get this strategy out there, and I plan to create engaging content. If your content is unattractive, you will need a simple way on YouTube. How do you create exciting content? You have to use all the tricks of the trade, and I mean all.

So, as we discussed, the thumbnails are what make them successful, but also those video titles. The engaging video titles of this YouTuber are insane. Like everything about this makes you want to click, and the main thing is that combined with trend jacking that brings it to another level at that point is why he can get millions upon millions of views and subscribers. And that is the difference. If he were creating videos on simple basic things, it would not work. But if you sent cease creating videos

About things that are more about trends can do a little bit more. And it is a case of not creating boring videos. It is more about creating trending videos on topics that will go viral or have the potential to go viral, which he has already got favor in the algorithm. So, everything could go viral at any given moment. If he is trend jacking and the story is engaging and keeps viewers on the level for the entire time. It is an exciting concept, as the content is so original that we have not seen it before on YouTube. And that is the beautiful thing about YouTube is we find creators like this who can create original content that blows everything through the water

One of the essential things about beluga is that he has decided not to compete on YouTube with other creators. But he is agreed to collaborate with other creators and bring them into his content. And his range is very justifiable to bring other people in. Like this book right here. I am bringing him in to create a story that he has been successful in. And that is a similar thing that he is doing. He is bringing big-time creators into his content. So those creators’ audiences will watch those types of things on YouTube. YouTube is something that you cannot grow on alone, necessarily. If you want to get like eight million subs, you need to have a little bit of contact with other creators.

Sure, there are some oddball scenarios here, although most of the time, you will be in contact with other creators to grow at a massive level. Such as this YouTuber. It is interesting how that works, but that’s just how it works. Yes, you can grow on your own on YouTube, but it must take a lot more time. Personally, it takes a long time. You cannot just grow on your own and have massive success. It would help if you were in contact with other creators. Well, that means going on podcasts and doing other things. That is how you can be successful. Like I said before, this content creator has connected with their community, and that is what makes a stark difference for them. They brought their community from their other channels over and associated with their current community on their current track. It may sound crazy, and it may sound impossible, but overall that results in more sharing because those people end up knowing you better. And yes, you may be unable to contact or talk to everyone. But those small little posts, those consistent daily posts, did make a difference on social media on the discord server. They allowed this crater to grow even more because they are reaching out to other creators on Twitter, for instance, which allows for even more shareability to their videos. And that is really where you want to be from a YouTuber’s perspective.

He has also mastered a hook. He delivers upon the thumbnail immediately when you get into the video. You know precisely what is going on in that video. Right when you get in, there is no clickbait in that title or anything like that. It is just delivering upon the title. And that is precisely where you want to be if you are a big-time YouTuber. If you can have that title, the algorithwillto love you on YouTube. And I think the extra effort he puts into his videos also matters to us. Because the music does play a part in his videos and allows him to bring everything to the next level, I know that sounds cheesy. Still, if you are going to get something to the next level on YouTube, you must be shooting for quality, and his videos are quality to his audience. Now someone may see a discord conversation and not think that that is quality content. But the reality of the situation is it’s honestly excellent quality content to his audience, and that is all that matters. So, he is a YouTube genius because he understands his audience.

If you do not understand your audience, you will not be successful on this platform or YouTube because that is just the facts of the matter. He has mastered the audience because he has discord conversations. He knows what is going on on Twitter. He knows these more profound things that many YouTubers cannot get their hands on because they’re unwilling to connect with their audience. These are things that the algorithm cannot see. This is the human moment, and because of the human moment, he can take his content to another level. I save the groups significantly because you must level up as a YouTuber. If you are unwilling to level up each video, you will not get there. And that is the crucial thing about this if you’re not leveling up and trying to improve every day, like this YouTuber, you’re not going to get there. But it would help if leveledevel up in the air the right way. You have to level up in the areas that increase your retention.

You need to be able to see what other YouTubers are doing. His transitions are next-level. He can transition a lot in his videos with the sound effects and the music transitioning so soon that you must go back and watch those videos, which has made him highly successful. The main thing with this is to be successful on YouTube; You must have a lot of transitions and have a lot of things in your entertaining video. And I think the more things that you have is one thing that you can learn the most from this creator because he has the beeps every few moments of the discord conversations or the text messages, and that leads to a more profound impact of what he is trying to do overall and when you have those profound moments that are quick and fast and emotional. Wellwilloing to result in more views just because that is what you are doing is you are engaging your audience immediately and doing something shocking in the beginning. This is what this YouTuber has wholly mastered. And that is where you need to be out with your videos. It would help you were all in people in the beginning because you only have so much time to grab that viewers’ attention, and in the end, that’s going to make a huge difference

Attention is a commodity on YouTube passed around left and right between all videos. So, the more that you do like this YouTuber to bring in people who want to watch a video that is good and decent and holds their attention. Well, he has mastered that, and the expert in attention is what you must be, and you need to be using similar concepts as this YouTuber to be successful. He is written the book on it, and that’s why she has subbed to his YouTube channel. Check it out because you will find something a little bit deeper than what I’m even talking about in this book that you could apply to your videos that make them even more engaging and funny, just like his videos

And once you do that, you will be the king of YouTube. Eight million subscribers are no joke, and the ten million subscribers he will get very soon is no joke. But YouTube is not all about subscribers. It is about that community. As I am pointing out here and if you have a community that you are talking to all the time, that is just going to do that much more for you on YouTube over time. And yes, it might create a time where you are expending a lot of effort to be able to do something so cool, and incredible as creating a community, but in the end, the community concept is worth it on YouTube. And his personality also comes out in his videos. You can feel the nature of this YouTuber. Like no other character is there. You can feel it coming out in a way in his storytelling. It is almost like a Shakespeare moment, and I know saying that he’s like Shakespeare is a strange statement. Still, the fact that he can retain people better than Shakespeare himself is something to say because, honestly, when you guys took Shakespeare, did you like it? Was it something that you thoroughly enjoyed? And that is what you must do. It is not delivering the content. It is the way it is shown that has made this YouTuber so successful. And it is getting to the eight lines that he is currently at the time of this writing. I do not even want to know where he will be in a few years—at the time of this book, not hitting any views or anything like that, no one was buying this book. I know that is going to happen. But I wanted to see that I may be talking to Eric here, which is why he has found

so much success in his career on YouTube in such a short amount of time. That is absolutely in repeatably amazing

And yes, you may think I am overthinking this as a YouTuber and what he has done. However, what he has done is incredible. It is something that many of us will never achieve. And that is why I wanted to author this book is because it truly is something that many of us will ever achieve and it is an accomplishment that is beyond bully—getting that many subscribers off what he has done. Is amazing. One of the things we need to also talk about is drop off rates and his ability not to get stuck on drop-offs. People will not drop off his videos, which is why it is so fast and so quick that you cannot drop off his videos. You just must keep watching, which is the main thing with his videos you are engaged—you the entire time. There is a point where you must keep watching his videos, and there is no way around it.

 It is destroying your mind at a certain point because to find out what has happened; he moves so fast with his text messages and discord conversations that you want to know what is going on with his cat. And I think that’s the thing about it if you take away your eyesight from any of his videos, you will miss out on the plots and scheme of what’s going on. When a million other people are watching his videos, you want to know what’s going on and why they like his videos. Why did he get so many likes on his video? And that’s one of the things there that takes it to the level up level is you do not want to miss his content because it is so beautifully written he does think out what he is trying to do. Now many creators have this ability to create a story. I want to go back to that story because between the drop-offs, you have to have an account at the beginning and end of your videos, or you’re simply just not going to be able to create that engaging content you need some story answer weaving inside of your videos, however small to gain a little bit of a push and your engagement. He’s mastered that push when it comes to meetings. So never underestimate a story one thing you can. And I am not a good storyteller. I am not telling a remarkable story here as it is more technical about how he dominated YouTube. And it is just an intriguing concept of how this YouTuber took over the world by telling simply remarkable stories, and that’s what you want to do tell great stories. And that is why I am authoring more books and doing stuff like this because I want to create more stories like this YouTuber, but I do not have the editing skills on par with what this guy’s done. But I am telling you exactly how he has done it if you are willing to spend the time editing hours and hours to create the transitions; he has the sound effects he has, and all that other stuff.

You can become a great YouTuber and I think that’s the exciting thing about it is if you watch his videos and you go see exactly what he’s done with his videos, you will get better and that’s one of the things about it is he’s just done something new when whenever we sent see something new and yes, you could argue there’s copycat errs and all that other stuff but in reality it’s something new and original that has found success on YouTube and he brought other YouTuber successes into his videos.

He did not just show up one day and say hey, I am the greatest YouTuber ever. He brought all the greatest stuff from YouTubers into his videos in text form, which is absolutely genius using modern technology to do it, such as discord, to create something fun and to engage that people want to watch repeatedly. And that is why my friend’s YouTubers are getting a sizable number of subs and other things, and it is so cool the amount of growth these YouTubers have at this point. And you can do it too. I wrote this book because I wanted to show you how a YouTuber is not just someone who creates videos with someone who helps people engage, someone who makes stories, someone who goes on a deeper level, someone who can be the Shakespeare of this time, like this YouTuber. Yes, he is Shakespeare. He uses many Shakespearean elements, and that’s precisely what you have to be willing to do to be successful. You need to have an intertwining story that brings that viewer in because they will drop off your video.

Suppose you do not have that incredible story that brings people into her videos. And that is the fantastic thing about it you can take everything to the next level if you are willing to do something that will change your life. That is going to create something better. I encourage you to get some storytelling books and watch all his videos, s you understand storytelling. Every English teacher should have videos and their classroom and manage protection. That’s how good of a storyteller this YouTuber is. And what he has done is impressive from a storytelling standpoint. It is something deeper it is something further than what is possible. And let us know the remarkable thing about YouTube. There is always someone that comes along that does something groundbreaking and right when you feel like something is not possible, or the platform is saturated. Someone breaks through that is doing something new that we have not seen before.

And that is the fantastic thing about YouTube is this guy came up through the ranks by being innovative and doing something we have not seen before by really thinking about it and then becoming an incredibly good YouTuber and the process of multiple channels. And that is precisely how you must be as YouTub. He’s creating a YouTuber empire. And at that point with the cats and everything else that he is doing, what they add some more and all that other stuff that is bringing it to a next level, and the next level is where it is all about the next-gen story of what is possible. What is new? What can you do better? And when you are looking at something that you can improve when you are focused like this YouTube or on something, you can do something that you did not think was possible; you must think deeply about what you’re trying to do. And when you do that, everything can change. This YouTuber has mastered, as we discussed, thumbnails, retention, storytelling, and so much more to allow them to be successful on this platform with quality videos.

Well, let’s go on to the quality factor because quality is something that this YouTuber has gotten down and branding, branding of quality, is what we’ll call it. Still, he’s able to put some quality branding on his videos, so you know exactly when you see his thumb now that this is the YouTuber that you’re seeing at this point, and that way, you know that you are clicking on this YouTuber’s video. And that is precisely where you want to be. When you go down the line and click on a video, you are like, okay, what is this video about?

Well, this is that YouTuber, so I will still click on it. So, he created a brand. Even if people have not seen his content before, they may get pushed his content, see it a few times, and say okay, I have gotten forced on this a few times. I will still click on it because the branding is there; you know, it is the same YouTuber, whereas before, you would not know that it was the same YouTuber. And that is such a cool concept.

So, the conversations that he shows in his thumbnails are really something that is also his branding and that is what you want to do. From a YouTube perspective, you want to create a consistent brand and it does not matter what it is like. His branding is not groundbreaking, but it is groundbreaking and very brilliant; talking clever branding here. Everybody knows that it is him because he has a discord conversation and that it has a specific branding to it. So, if you have seen his videos, you will get pushed more videos if you watch them all the way through, etc. And that’s how YouTube works. That is how it gets all his subscribers, and it is such an exciting plot process, as you can see.

Growth on YouTube is not easy. So, you need to make sure that you are branding, and he has mastered that because he understood that concept. Branding can be anything from the thumbnails but making sure that it looks like it is from the same YouTuber every time is essential. You can approach this from different areas, such as color and other things, but he decided to come it from how videos look. Plus, you will see the cat’s face, which is very identifiable. And he has a concise YouTube name, a lot easier trying to create extended characters. Well, the term is rememberable as we have seen with the cats and the name of beluga and that my friends the difference in the title has excelled his channel to the next level.

And it was a brilliant name changing the channel to this name because, honestly, guys, who are going to remember a longer name on YouTube a lot of times? We get stuck on our terms, but you want to create a character that sticks in someone’s mind. So, they are going to go back to it if you make something that is not going to be in someone’s mind. Then Seriously, what is the point of the name? The name is rememberable. The title is something that you want to watch. The name is something that you are like, oh, that is another video from that crater. And that is the name branding that he even goes into when we look at it from a deeper perspective. He monitored himself to create a more memorable name. And that is what you must do on YouTube to be successful. It would help if you created some incredible memory-type things that will make people want to go back and watch your content. And when you do that, everything tends to change at a certain point. So be aware that names matter on YouTube.

But when you get there, you will know you will have confidence because you posted a ton of videos like this YouTuber did, and that is amazing. He was willing to have that confidence to take it to the next level to do something no one else had ever done. And I think that the thing that makes this so incredible is it was something new. It was something original. It was something beyond anything we have ever seen on YouTube. And he went out there and created this fantastic work of art that is modern-day Shakespeare. I do not care what anybody else says. This is modern-day Shakespeare for numerous reasons. And that is the mindset you must have when creating videos or doing anything else. So many lessons can be learned from a kid who picked up a Discord server and made it something we thought discord could not be on YouTube, and text messages and all that other stuff and using those things retain an audience. And I am not sure where he found out where the retention was where he found out that this was the way to go on YouTube that was going to work. He may have tried some test videos and stuff like that. But that is where everything changes. And the competence was there that was going to allow this to happen.

There was nothing that was going to block this YouTuber from doing the goal that he always wanted, which was creating one of the most incredible YouTube channels that we have seen in a long time in a very original, excellent YouTube channel. That, my friends, is why beluga is one of the best YouTube channels on YouTube because of the incredible storytelling and the deep stories that they get into. That makes you want to click on that next video. And then, yes, storytelling mediums change. It is not something that always stays the same. It is something that changes over time. And that is one thing that he has mastered is that he realized storytelling changes. It is not just something that is always there. It has gone from books to YouTube videos to movies, etc. And when you realize that that is where the power of storytelling really comes in. Those changes everything. And when you reach that point where you recognize storytelling can make you great. You want to create more stories, which is why he has been so con. I sent that he has built more stories and more profound philosophies. Then what was previously regarded before?

And now he has a cult following with a ton of people who love His stories because he stayed the course, he did not give up, and he made sure that he was doing everything within his power to create the best videos with the best stories on the best topics that were trending. And that was the difference. And then people loved it. And they kept coming back to it, and the algorithm fired, and the stars aligned. Now he is one of the most prominent YouTubers because he believed that it was possible and that he could do it and had the confidence to go that route of overcoming all the adversities and struggles that he was going through. And that is precisely what you must do in your life. And if you follow his mantra of never giving up and keep uploading. You are only one video away, as they say, and that is the crucial thing here. He understood once he found out who his audience was, who his people were, and who the people were that wanted to hear his stories. That is where everything changed. That is where the connection occurred. That is where the channel exploded because of shareability. That is where everything led to one of the most incredible YouTube channels we have seen. And that, my friends, is something cool that we do not know every day that takes the world by storm, brings apart the mountains and air, and brings in a story that we do not see every day. And when we get to that point. When we get to that time where time stands still, nothing is left with stories. You will find this YouTuber there who delivered stories that we all loved, engaged with, and that changed our lives. That led us to a moment where we were like, oh, that is funny, and it gave us a good laugh that day. And as any good comedian says, a good laugh is worth it. And I’m not sure that is precisely what this YouTuber has done. He created good laughs and moments that we would not see otherwise, totherwiseged the world. And that is why I wrote this.






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