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InvokeAI 2.2 Update Gives You More Control Over Your AI Art!

InvokeAI 2.2 Update is allowing for more control surrounding AI art. The AI platform lets you zoom in on objects and create more detail for your AI art.

Invoke AI 2.2

Helpful for many reasons, as AI art can have a lot of strange reactions to small objects. InvokeAI 2.2 saves time because you don’t need Photoshop to put things into the AI artwork. You can use the built-in tools. It is honestly a great idea that can help people come up with creations faster using AI.

AI images or art will become even more custom. The best feature is how detailed you can get in these images. And how quickly you can tweak using InvokeAI 2.2 editing features.

The developer is listening to the community, which is a promising sign that InvokeAI is mastering the custom AI art race.



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