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December Free Content is Available in Unreal Engine 5 Marketplace!

December’s featured free content is now available in the Unreal Engine 5 marketplace. Over $200 in free content!

First off, we have the hospitality pack, which is an excellent restaurant that also has a kitchenette with supplies and dining utensils. There are over 300 models in the hospitality pack.

There also is an impressive modular Gothic temple with a medieval theme that has winter and snow!

In all honesty, this looks like what you would see in the game Dragon Age in the future. So if you’re looking for something that looks like Dragon Age, and Unreal Engine 5,

It could be an excellent asset pack to pick up this month since it’s free. There’s also a platformer stylized Cube World volume one, made by Poly Art 3d.

The world looks incredible and has a Minecraft vibe to it. There are over 100 Different models designed to help you build levels and also put props in your game, with obstacles and a whole bunch of other things, such as power-ups. This pack is one of the most notable if you want to create a Minecraft-like platformer game.

And it’s free right now, so why not give it a try? Additionally, there’s a stylized, dynamic nature pack. And this has stylized trees, grass plants, and water clouds, and they can all be tweaked, according to the developer. There’s also a stylized truck pack that allows you to have some stylized trucks for your game. And who doesn’t want some cool trucks?

You can make a racing game out of this and many other things. Why not? Another item that is listed as permanently free is the hand-painted environment. Looks cool, as you can create an RPG out of this pack or pretty much anything, but why not just add this pack to what you’re already doing?

Every month Unreal Engine 5 has these free packs at about $200 worth of free content. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to have a $200 value of free content every month so make sure you’re continuously checking the Epic Games launcher or Unreal Engine 5 website for these free asset packs released monthly, but this is December’s asset packs.

And overall, I think a lot of this looks cool from a development perspective and a creativity perspective. You can use this in your YouTube videos. You can use this for creating a game and so much more.

Unreal Engine Website with Packs :






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