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AI Art is Going to be a Feature in Every Video Editor Soon!

Given the current advances in artificial intelligence, art, or AI artwork, it seems to make sense that video editors will start integrating many of the tools that AI art gives to video creators.

AI Art in Van Gogh Style made by Wonder AI App

Videos right now use what’s called stock footage. Often, this has to be bought from a company to use the stock footage.

While stock footage is an excellent thing when it comes to video editing, there is something that can take it to a whole new level. It is an AI art. I expect video editors to start integrating AI art into their platforms, such as Adobe, Movavi, PowerDirector, and more.

They are allowing for easy-grabbing pictures to describe something in a video. I would also expect that AI art-generated movies or stories will start becoming a thing much like quick videos. What do I mean by that? Well, the AI can generate images on a topic let’s say it generates 100 art images. You can do this now, but it is a manual process that takes time.

When those images are generated, they will then create a video. Every image could be shown for five seconds with a pan and zoom. This would then create a video that you could either make a story out of or continue an explanation of a topic.

It would only make sense that video editors would integrate this in the coming years. I’m shocked if they do not have it already.

I’m just not aware of it. Expect AI Art to integrate into video editing shortly. There is no reason why AI cannot be in a video editor.

It is beneficial using Stable Diffusion and AI art. That’s pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Artificial Intelligence art will keep pushing these boundaries of what can be made very quickly. Yes, you can argue that this is not good for artists. The fact of the matter is AI arts probably is not going to go away because new uses will be found, such as in videos and other products where images can be generated very fast.

As long as you are creating a story from artificial intelligence. I don’t see an issue with it, personally.

Nonetheless, just posting artificial intelligence art to post it into a video is questionable, to be honest.

We’ll have to see how this develops regarding video editing. Still, artificial intelligence art will be used to auto-generate videos very quickly in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is have the artificial intelligence program generate the images in mass and then put those into a video. This could result in a lot of auto-generated videos that companies like YouTube may not want to have on their platform.

So this may be a development that happens shortly. We’ll have to see what the company’s policies are regarding artificial intelligence art.

The limitless ability to tell a story very quickly can help many people. Being able to have images for a story can help describe something that you’re trying to create. You can even use artificial intelligence and art images as a prompt for your storytelling.

You can tell a story based on those images if you’re good at it.

In the end, it will be a significant development soon as video editing takes on artificial intelligence in the coming years as a feature. It will be interesting to see what is cultivated and what video editing software technologies come from AI art.


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