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AI May Not be a Threat to Artists Here is Why

The rise of artificially intelligent artwork is an exciting development. A lot of artists feel that it is going to destroy their careers.

Showing ART WORK

I will tell you why, at least for artists who show their work. I would recommend that every artist videotape how they create something and post it to social media. Currently, this is something artificial intelligence now cannot do. It may happen when artificial intelligence can mimic an artist’s efforts to create art.

Regardless, art is not just about creating. It’s not about the end product. It’s about the feelings and the artistic endeavors that artists go through. It’s about something more profound, which Art has always been about deepness. Any exemplary artist knows this. Show your work and conversation about how it impacts you emotionally.

The same holds with melody; AI can generate music. Yet it’s not the same as someone singing a song that comes from a passionate place, a memory in their life—connected to their life that is not anywhere else.

I would much rather see a painting by Vincent Van Gogh from hundred years ago. Then visit a fake image, not from Vincent Van Gogh. We all know the copied pictures that we see of Vincent van Gogh. It’s just not the same. We want to see something emotional. something more profound than that. Vincent van Gogh was not successful as an artist during his lifetime. AI does not capture the true struggle of an artist.

AI art will change the world and make it easier for companies to create artwork for their marketing brands. Outside of that, I think it’s deeper to have a person paint a painting and why they painted it or made it a certain way.

The future of art is showing how you make a piece. So make sure you show your work and how you made something. People will be interested in that, which is part of the artistic process.

It’s a form of video art. So this is why artificial intelligence no matter how good it gets will not replace the artists. Connect with your community. And you will be surprised on what you can do as an artist.






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