Next Gen Video Game Theory

The Future of Game Creation Will Be Made by Writers

The world of gaming will continue to change soon. Why do I think the world of gaming is going to change? It may be undeniable that the world of gaming is going to change. Let’s dig into the details and see why it’s so important that the gaming world will change into something new.

It has a lot to do with artificial intelligence. Currently, we’ve seen the advent of artificially intelligent artwork.


The current AI is just the cusp of what we will be capable of shortly. The next big thing will most definitely be the creation of 3D models.

This will allow games to be developed relatively fast because models can be rapidly revised, or new 3d models can be created for a game; just by saying words, you can start 3D models is the future.

Now, if you consider that with the creation of 3d models, you get into 3D worlds, it will be easier than ever to create a 3D world by just saying something about how you want that world to look.

Then the big kicker will be when animations become automated by artificial intelligence.

Once we reach this point, 3d movies will be easily made by you just speaking the words.

Additionally, there’ll be a lot of other benefits, such as making games fast. The Star Trek holodeck will come alive.

It will come alive as it does in Star Trek. And then, eventually, it will look so real that you won’t be able to tell the difference. People will wear augmented and virtual reality glasses with shallow profiles that look like sunglasses. The world will be a lot easier for virtual reality and augmented reality.

The technology is not there. Yeah, but there are some exciting developments regarding artificial intelligence these days.

These developers are starting to look into AI as a way to generate some fantastic 3D models. It is possible in specific 3D programs and now do this with the benefit of Stable Diffusion and Blender.

If you search YouTube for Stable Diffusion and Blender, you will then be directed to a ton of videos that can make you more innovative when it comes to artificial intelligence. I also recommend trying out apps like wonder, which does artificial intelligence painting, to see the benefits of doing this.

There is a lot of development regarding artificial intelligence and creativity, or at least generating ideas so that you can get the creative juices flowing for your picture. While I don’t think artificial intelligence is ever going to replace artists, I do believe it is a benefit or a tool like anything else. You can use it to come up with ideas faster. A lot of people, when they write a book, have a difficult time coming up with ideas or they get writer’s block.

A way around this would be looking at an artificial intelligence painting, writing that picture down, and then developing a story from this picture. The same will hold when it comes to games in the future.

Someone will create breathtaking games created just merely with words; maybe the writers will be the ones that will create the best games.

The writer takes out the idea of game development and makes it automated. The writers who have the strength here know how to use words well and see the end game.

Game development will change tremendously with the advent of artificial intelligence, which can create a movie in minutes. People are going to have to rethink what creativity means.

Maybe it’s more about how to make something than it is about actual creation. We’ll have to have a delicate balance with this; people are always fascinated with how something is created. So even though it may seem like a threat to artists. I encourage artists to share their work.

I encourage game developers to share their work with their community because it’s always a community that develops a game.

People still like to see stuff created. And I don’t think this is ever going to end. So the advent of games like this makes the holodeck in Star Trek. It’s exciting to see what will happen and how people will adapt. And yes, some people will not be able to adapt. That’s how all new technologies work. Yet.

I think there’s an opportunity in this to tell better stories than what has ever been told before. People can create million-dollar movies with nothing, literally no money. And I think that the great thing about this is new stories will be formed that we would never have heard because, in the end, stories make the world go around. Not artificial technologies or anything else.



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