Next Gen Video Game Theory

How Virtual Worlds Will Become Real with Sunglasses

We will eventually reach a point in PC gaming where we will not be able to define whether we are playing in reality or not. Currently, right now, that is not the case.

Future Sunglasses that do AR and VR

We can now define whether we are playing a game or reality. There will come the point when this is not possible.

Where reality will shift in our games, I think the period where we won’t be able to tell anymore is getting closer.

What do I mean by living in it when it comes to reality and gaming? I think what’s going to happen, and you may have heard me say this in my other articles, is that augmented reality will take off.

But what if virtual reality is in those sunglasses?

What if virtual reality is so good and in your sunglasses that you can’t even tell the difference between reality and what is not real? This is where everything will change. This is where you will not be able to tell.

Presently, the technology is not there. Nonetheless, augmented reality sunglasses will eventually come along and they will be a tremendous game changer.

They will be such a game changer. That it’s hard to even tell what the impact will be. If sunglasses could then transition between augmented reality and virtual reality.

This will really up the scale. I’m leaning towards sunglasses will be the next smartphones if they have augmented reality built in. Imagine you pull up your phone and you’re able to dial a number or you’re able to see your social media feed through your sunglasses.

You don’t even have to have a phone if you’re wearing these augmented reality glasses. This is the next step.

And that’s why graphics technology will continue to change. Graphics Technology will eventually reach the point where augmented reality is going to change everything. And if you go into a virtual world at the click of a button with your sunglasses or just saying take me to the virtual world. And that virtual world doesn’t look any different that the real world.

That’s going to change everything and it will be possible someday, most likely in our lifetimes. I would say in the next 10 years potentially. We could get to that point where we start seeing stuff looks more lifelike and virtual reality worlds. The problem with this right now is a lot of virtual reality headsets are very clunky. They just haven’t reached the point where it’s possible.

With that being said, I think we will reach a point where it is possible very shortly. And I’m super excited to see where virtual reality technology goes.

Yet this will be the breaking point where we will no longer be able to tell if something is in reality or virtual. Right now. You can look at a TV you can be like okay, yeah, it’s not real. However, when it’s in your face, and you can’t get out of that reality.

That’s where things began to change. That’s where you may trick yourself into thinking that you could actually be in that virtual world at that point in time.

Let’s say you fell asleep for instance, and you’re sleeping on your couch and you have your sunglasses on that augment reality and virtual reality. Then you wake up, you could theoretically be tricked into thinking you are in that other world.

If the graphics technology was high enough, we are years away from this point. Nevertheless, it will eventually happen. And it’s going to be pretty cool.


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