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Is it worth creating a Gaming YouTube Channel?

Is it worth creating a gaming YouTube channel? This a question a lot of us may be having. It’s a crowded space. Gaming is incredibly crowded. Yet there is still room, and I will tell you why.


New games are coming out all the time. Gaming systems are coming out all the time. Every time something new is made in gaming means, there needs to be a video on it. This is ever-changing. It’s like technology. It changes all the time.

Gaming will have new games, and people want to watch videos on those games. They want to learn new strategies, how to do something in the game, or even watch someone play the game for fun. Gaming may be a crowded niche. Nevertheless, if you focus on a specific game, you probably will have more success. The reason is watching time on a channel when a person comes to your YouTube channel.

They’re more likely to watch a second video if it’s on the same game. This is just a natural tendency. Unless you have an overreaching theme on the channel, I will say it’s incredibly hard from experience to grow when you do multiple games, even if you have an overreaching story or theme. A lot of people will not watch that second video.

I would recommend that you at least create a lot of videos on one game and then try to branch out periodically to see if something works so that you can see if you can branch into other topics. It is possible to make it in gaming; you need to find a suitable game.

If you choose a game such as call duty with many YouTube videos, you’re probably not going to have as much success. If you select a game that may not come out for a few years, you actually could have more success because there are not many videos on it, and not a lot of people are looking to make those videos.

There is an advantage to going early. When you go early, you can be the first to have those videos to answer those questions. And if you keep going along that route, you can grow your YouTube channel much more, and it may not be easy, but making a game channel is possible if your niche is in the right area. I would recommend as you post a few videos on different games and see what does well. When a video does well, that’s the game you need to choose.

Try to branch from that topic and get as close to it as possible. Then keep branching out to see what your audience likes. Every once in a while, you can post a new game video of a different game of a similar nature. Do not branch off too far, or you will not get any views. I have tried this multiple times. This is just how YouTube works.

I know it’s not easy, but you must at least create many videos for one game to have any chance on modern Youtube. You can do let’s plays, how-to videos that seem to work best, previews, or news; if you can be early on a news topic, that is a distinct advantage. How-to tech videos also work if you want a video on your favorite gaming system on how something works.

Someone will watch how to eventually through a YouTube search. Starting, you need to try to get into YouTube search. Try to answer questions about the game and answer as many questions as possible. There are different ways in which you can do this. You can find ways to do this in multiple ways. And make sure you do your research.

This will be beneficial to you. Additionally, there are other ways. How-to videos are one; search on YouTube; how many how-to videos are out there on a topic? Are there gaps in how-to videos and questions you’ve had in the past? If you find an opening, make a video on it. If you have that same question, I’m sure someone else is probably having that same question. This is how you can grow the gaming channel. You have to find those little gaps that nobody has made videos on. And then, you have to strike by uploading a video on that topic.

And then, eventually, you can branch off into other things, but you have to grow your player base on a specific game or a genre is even better. If you thrive on a genre, you will have the ability to branch into other games. If this is helpful, please make sure to follow and also check out the YouTube channel.





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