Why Amazon Buying EA May Not Be So Bad

It is no secret that Electronic Arts has been falling down, let’s take a look at why it may not be bad for Amazon to buy. First off, Amazon has huge budgets, they can bring in a lot of money to this game that otherwise cannot be done. And they also did a good job with new world, New World was a massive success. In the beginning, at least from an MMO perspective.

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Amazon Cloud is very powerful X Xbox Live and a whole bunch of other things run off Amazon Cloud, and that is saying something. They have proven development potential. They developed games, they also have a cloud service, so they know how to do stuff. And they can put it together. Jeff Bezos builds rockets. I mean, come on guys, they build rockets, they literally go to space, they can put a game together or a series of games, prime memberships could give out free Madden, for instance, if you join, you may get all the prime sports games, you could get all the RPGs maybe you have a choice.

So this could be something they could do and they could play with to allow you to get some free games much like Xbox Game Pass. They have money to make a new engine for man. And thank God, Madden needs a new engine. I’m sorry, guys, I wanted to get that out there man needs a new engine. I think that’s across the board. And everyone’s in agreement there. Battlefield can be saved and supported battlefield 2042, or even a new Battlefield games so they can make more games and stuff like that and have the financial backing, they have a proven track record pumping out big products. I mean, it’s Amazon guys, you have Amazon Fresh Amazon Prime, Amazon Video amaz, all that stuff is out there, their efficiency needed to make good games is there they have the operational efficiency to really create some cool things.

And they also have a cloud gaming service to distribute fast, called Luna. So maybe you could have free trials using the cloud gaming service, much like what Xbox game passes done, they can offer a prime discount for games. So you can actually save money on games, which would be really nice because a lot of people do have prime and New World was not a bad game. A lot of people say new world wasn’t the greatest game, but New World was not a bad game. And a lot of people go back and still play right now. Anything Amazon touches tends to improve. This is actually the case like most things that Amazon touches, at least from a business perspective does improve and gets faster such as delivery services, it took a long time to get there.

But now we’re there. With that many EA Sports games may improve including NHL, FIFA, all that stuff can improve. EA needs innovation, they don’t get innovation, it’s really going to stink, Amazon has tons of innovation. And there’s more gaming books, like more gaming books that definitely come out, that would really make it really cool. With all the gaming stuff there. They could like cross promote with gaming books on Kindle, maybe you get a free gaming book, more Twitch integration, since Amazon owns twitch. So you’re gonna have more Twitch stuff in there, which will be kind of cool for if you’re a fan of Twitch.

I’m not necessarily a fan, but some people are, could have live streams with developers. So that’s cool. Like you could actually watch the developers create a game from EA. And that would be neat movie and game collaboration. So movies on Amazon can collab and they can make like a cross collab. Amazon makes movies, which will be a great production experience, maybe the production quality will go up higher, because Amazon has experienced creating high quality productions. This will make games more cinematic in the long run. And I would definitely agree with that, especially as they get into CGI. And I don’t even think there’s Amazon movies would get even better. The garbage II experience has has already there for Amazon.

So that’s a cool thing. So they have Dragon Age and these games they can bring in to really, and they can create videos and stuff like that Jeff Bezos probably loves video games. I mean, come on guys that he created. Lord of the Rings. It’s been $500 million signed off on that. I think he’s he’s a big fantasy fan. At the very least, I would like to see yacht simulator, because we all know Jeff Bezos has a huge yachts, several huge yachts. Why not create a game around that? Amazon has good servers?

Yes, obviously, that’s an obvious so you’re not going to have many meltdowns. They already have a cloud service etc. They X Xbox Live and all that stuff that they support potential twitch and EA pass that would be kind of cool. So maybe you get a pass with Twitch. So you get to both prod together for their premium services, merchandise integration into games, it might be easier to purchase merchandise physical merchandise, I’m not talking digital merchandise, but physical merchandise, fast game delivery and even earlier for Prime members is an option that they could implement that would be a really big deal. In all honesty, Prime member perks,

this can be good or bad, but it may be something to set them apart. Especially if you’re already paying for prime I mean, why not have some prime member perks? Physical cards versus digital cards? I think the problem with Mod packs is they’re not really real things. So it’d be cool if they like shipped you physical cards just as an extra like thing if you already had prime or something. That’d be cool. Maybe they send you like a few packs a month with anything you buy free cloud game trials now that would be neat. So I think I went over that briefly. But yeah, you can have those and that’s going to be helpful for deciding if you want a game, maybe more gaming drinks, like maybe they can partner with G pool and bring those and ship those quicker to your house or maybe as awards potential expansion of Star Wars games. There’s already good Star Wars games with EA, imagine what they can do with their budget, given the Lord of the Rings show and how much money they put into that. I think we could get some good Star Wars stuff for sure. It most likely will be good for RPGs in the long run, because in all honesty, guys, they have a ton of money and they are willing to develop they have story making potential because they already have a video company and make videos.

Amazon can benefit from the EA tech tremendously. Maybe they can like even make the metaverse office they we can get a rocket similar like Jeff Bezos shut up and rocket why not create a space rocket simulator, a business simulator. I mean, Amazon is a big company, why not teach people how to do business with one of their games, much like The Sims did in the 90s with all their different simulations with like zoo simulator and all that stuff, Amazon, no operations for many business. So it’s gonna be very easy for Amazon to put this together and put everything together, because they have in house programming.

They have good operation efficiency for as a company. And I think that’s just going to be big and house graphic developers are already there, it’s going to be huge, especially if they have a gaming company kind of coming in with a really big experience, and creating graphics and stuff like that. So that’s a huge knowledge jump for Amazon. And they could definitely use it just from that perspective. Maybe you can earn amazon gift cards by unlocking achievements. I think this is similar to what Xbox and Microsoft are doing. They have gift cards if you do certain things.

So I think they need to do that. Obviously, Alexa integration the games, I’m not sure how this is going to work. But maybe you can just say hi, Alexa, turn on my game or Alexa can do something talk to you during the game to make it a little bit more. I don’t know, maybe some tips, Amazon stats and games. They already have good sports stats, so why not bring that to every game. And then you can share those stats with friends. They need to be really detailed and not all everyday stats.

Maybe it won’t be that bad guys. Hit the like button and there’s a watch next video. And there’s so many videos on this channel. Please watch the next video. It is so awesome game on guys.

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