Cyberpunk 2077 Shows What Augmented Reality Could Look Like in the Future

While I’ve been writing a lot about augmented reality, so I want to go a little bit deeper. Let’s take a look at at the future of Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Biology

What games show is augmented reality with advanced technology and I think Cyberpunk is one of those games. The reason I say that is augmented reality is built into people’s eyes. It goes beyond contact lenses, it goes beyond glasses.

It’s built into people’s biology and this is the next level of augmented reality. I don’t think we’ll reach it in our lifetimes. But this is taboo right now. Inserting stuff into our eyes to get a viewpoint that would be crazy.

Nevertheless, there could be advantages to doing it such as providing the information you otherwise would not have or not having to put sunglasses on because it could theoretically be used to block sunlight. You can also use it to identify info faster and even save your life.

Augmented reality in your eyes will be the game changer of the future which won’t even happen in our lifetime. And if it does, it will be so far in the future that we won’t even recognize our world. Once we get to this point where we’re using our biology to create such things as augmented reality, biology.

I guess I just coined a term. I’m not sure if the terms have ever been used before but it definitely could be thought of in the Sci-Fi world and has occurred in games.

Yet with that being said it is something to think about as it will be interesting to see as sunglasses are made, and contact lenses that have advanced technologies that allow augmented reality in those.

Also can provide some useful information on social media and other platforms. But it’ll be interesting to see how this develops over time. And what happens when augmented reality reaches that point? We are years out from this. We’re probably over 100 years out from this. I could be completely wrong.

It’d be like 20 years from now, but to be accepted culturally by society. We are at least 100 years out and I would assume that most people would not like Biology, being integrated with computer technology very much at first, slowly over time, that could change.

However, we’re definitely not at that point and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. But this is the very far future and this is a next gen. website. So I figured why not provide this information of what could happen in the future because why not? What the heck else was I gonna write about?

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