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Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Could be our Future

Could augmented reality be built into contact lenses? And this would be a significant game changer when it came to the differentiation of what could be seen. If you had a screen on your eyes, that would show an interface. This would be way different than anything we have today.

For instance, probably the best thing we have right now is our car windshields. When it comes to some augmented reality, phone screens also have augmented reality; of course, when it comes to the future, though, where it will probably go is the interface built into contact lenses.

Everyone will pretty much wear contact lenses this will result in a very different world than what we live in now. Social media will be completely different if this is the case.

Additionally, people will walk around with an interface built into their visual view; now, this will be something that will create an exciting life. You’ll wake up in the morning you’ll immediately see your interface.

They’ll show your messages and a whole bunch of other stuff if you want. Additionally, it can indicate an interface for your health and how many steps you have for the day, and what you might even eat for breakfast. You can maybe even order some food to eat through that interface. You’re probably getting a few ads on your screen. And no, I’m not joking. I would understand this has been intrusive today, but maybe in that time, ads will be everywhere.

With a contact login interface built into your eyes. Anything’s, in theory, possible. Social media would completely change everybody would have a social media profile as you walk by them. The video games would be completely different as they’d be built into what you view, sort of sports will be different, and everything would be different. A broadcast could be with you at a sporting event. You could also use this for working out or even playing virtually against other players and Real Sports.

The possibilities are limitless. And yes, there are security issues. When it comes to augmented reality, this will be something that will have to be contended with soon.

It’s interesting to talk about, though, because I think the opportunities are outstanding as long as people can escape. Yeah, augmented reality will be even more challenging to run. Augmented reality in the future if it’s built into contact lenses. We currently do not have the technology, as far as I know, to create anything as a contact lens, such as an interface. This would be interesting now in the future, how this will work.

The next best thing, of course, will be augmented reality sunglasses, which will have a lovely touch. And have the opportunity to make a significant change. This is taking it even one step further, which will be built into your contact lenses, which the technology may not even exist when the sunglasses philosophy comes out.

That said, sunglasses with augmented reality will be excellent contact lenses with augmented reality questionable. It’ll be interesting to see if this technology does catch on when it finally gets to that point, creating a screen and contact lenses that can be seen that way. Seems impossible right now.

The technology that hasn’t been thought of or even deeply thought of, if it has been thought of it’s not on that level yet. Or some government probably has it in a laboratory somewhere. A corporation may have already thought of it, but it’s just too far ahead of its time. To even be feasible or too expensive to produce. It’ll be interesting to see how this technology develops, where it goes, and what can happen with contact lenses that have augmented reality, as it will change our world.

It can also alert us danger and do other things. But also, it has privacy issues, which will need to be figured out because as soon as you put an interface to someone’s contacts, that means they might be able to see what you’re able to see through your eyes. And that is some scary stuff. Now, of course, this may not be the case, but most likely, once the technology gets to the point will be connected to the internet. And we’ll have a whole bunch of stuff around what it can do basically to change people’s shirts and do other things like that create 3d characters in your world and change everything around you. That’s scary, too, especially if it’s built into your eyes. So there is a significant security risk here. But the technology also can do a lot of good with augmented reality built into your eyes.

There are so many good things that can happen from this from an interface perspective, such as giving you vital information that you need to see every day. Right in front of you. Fitness with your hustle this way, honestly, is a future that is most likely coming down the pipeline and the next 30 years. This is a little far out because I don’t see it happening for them. After all, the LCD technology would have to get to the point where they figure it out to where you can still see it when you have a contact lens on your eye.

But if they get to that point, the world will change forever. Augmented Reality contact lenses are coming to you in the next 30 years. We’ll see what happens. I called it here. So check this article in 30 years to see if it happened.


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