Augmented Reality in Healthcare will Save Lives

Augmented reality and healthcare are going to continue changing a lot of different things. For instance, a doctor can be able to diagnose things a lot better. By using artificial intelligence and sunglasses or glasses the doctor is wearing, they will be able to see things that they may have not seen.

Augmented reality is basically where you see something in reality through glasses or a screen. Numerous games use augmented reality such as Angry Birds, Pokemon GO, and a whole lot more. Even Jurassic Park has gotten in on augmented reality. Even Harry Potter has gotten in on augmented reality.

What if this was put to use for doctors though? What if there were something that gave them statistics of what was going on so they didn’t have to take their eyes off of what they were doing? This can be very beneficial for numerous reasons. It can cause increased focus, and they can glance at the interface inside the glasses that they’re wearing. If their glasses get to the point where they’re able to point things out of what to do in certain situations, or if it can find something that may not be found typically by the human eye. This can be helpful. If a doctor is in surgery, for instance, this can help identify areas of risk or steps to take in the surgery process.

It can keep a checklist of everything that’s going on so mistakes or not May, again additionally alert the doctor to any instances where there could be a mistake that can be made. It can also make sure to verify that the patient is correct by wearing these sunglasses. It can match it to a database of faces in the hospital so that the patient does not get worked on who is not supposed to be worked on. Additionally, you can take in other factors that can help in the process.

Using augmented reality and healthcare could save a lot of lives. It’s a way to keep track of things a lot better. I think the main thing with DRS is it would allow an interface to be used, or an overlay that they can use for procedures. This overlay could go through the steps of the procedure and then they can mark it off or even it could be automated by an AI which would mark off certain tasks that have been completed. It also can monitor different things in the interface such as heart rate, and other things that can allow for the doctor to make some really good decisions. These types of medical glasses are the wave of the future and will be extremely helpful. This also goes beyond just the emergency room.

What if someone is a paramedic and they need to know a procedure? Well, the glasses could show a front view to a doctor of what is going on and that could save a life while an interface can show the procedure of what the paramedic is supposed to follow. This can also be done in a whole lot of other areas and medical but mainly it’s just helpful in general to see your patient information and to see information regarding what you’re doing in medical care. augmented reality glasses will be a major player in the medical health care field soon.

Doctors will most likely get them first along with staff and others to help keep track of patients and get stuff done easier. A lot of times nurses are set with having to fill out the information. This could lower that procedure if the patient’s already in the hospital. They could then use augmented reality glasses with artificial intelligence to allow for easier booking of patients. It can be a matter of just scanning a barcode or scanning anything else that would allow for quicker administrative procedures.

The benefits of augmented reality in healthcare are numerous and I’m looking forward to the future of safer healthcare with augmented reality sunglasses or glasses that will help people get their jobs done easier and safer and save lives.

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