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Augmented Reality Can Save Lives in Cars and Life

Augmented reality can help with insurance and being able to create things that are helpful for safety.

For instance, you can create an overlay in a car. The overlay for a driver can help protect them from an accident, it can see things that are going to happen in front of them. And it’s a little bit cheaper than putting an overlay on a windshield.

Augmented reality is where you see things. In reality with an interface, there’s an interface over a screen the main thing that is like this is Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is a game that utilizes augmented reality. But it is used through your phone. If you look up apps on your phone, just look up augmented reality and you’ll know what I’m talking Anything that can help people with safety is a big deal. So for instance, if the sunglasses have augmented reality, then they can detect things that are going to happen. And they can only fire when things are about to happen.

It could be as simple as turning an object red that you’re about ready to hit, or giving a beep on the actual headset versus taking it from a car perspective. A lot of cars have all these texts in them, but they don’t have a visualization for the driver. So it’d be nice if we had a visualization for the driver that could save lives. This visualization can cause a driver to break even earlier and assess the situation. We will have to have sunglasses that have a notification system. I think once augmented reality sunglasses are created, then that’s going to help with a lot of different things and be able to bring on saving lives which is the goal with an augmented reality system.

So what can happen is the insurance company could send people sunglasses that have augmented reality built into them. And this would allow the technology to be adopted faster, versus waiting for social media companies that create the technology and augmented reality sunglasses or other companies such as Samsung. An insurance company could give them the sunglasses that they could wear while driving that would notify them of events that are going to occur, there would have to be an algorithm similar to what Tesla uses that would notify the driver of an impending potential accident or situation that’s going to occur. Insurance companies could then offer discounts for augmented reality, that’d be tremendously helpful. So this, in theory, could save lives and also reduce people’s premiums.

While this can be considered a feature technology at this point, it does hold potential for saving lives. If we can put the same technology that’s in a jet fighter pilot’s airplane, we will have a distinct advantage of saving lives. We are definitely within 10 years of this technology. It may be able to happen today. I just don’t think the manufacturing resources are there at this time, but it will do incredible wonders for the entire world. When this technology comes out And eventually you could even put a system in there that alerts emergencies when something happens.

So if you’re away from the car for instance, and something happens, it could alert the emergency through an algorithm that understands what’s going on. Or you can put a voice assistant and the sunglasses and that will also help with the Lord emergency services which will save time when it comes to saving lives also The main benefits from this are auto. If you’re driving a car and you’re going down the road, and eventually something happens such as an accident, you will be able to see it immediately by the augmented reality highlighting that in your view, maybe beeping and allowing you to then break or do whatever you need to avoid the accident.

This can be an additional safety system beyond what cars currently have, as most cars do not have the frontal safety system alert features At the time of this writing now that will change but this can be an additional system that can take on those moments where there’s extreme danger.

It’s an interesting concept that can do a lot in saving lives. And I think that’s the main thing here. Additionally, this could be used in life insurance to help with dangerous situations. In general, we don’t have a way of detecting dangerous incidents in our lives outside of cars, maybe it’s a little bit too much. But it could eventually have an algorithm that detects a situation where maybe an object is coming at you, or anything like that when it’s turned on.

There is a lot of application that can happen here that can potentially save your life through alert systems, and various situations. They can easily be built into sunglasses and just come on when it’s needed. Like auto alert systems, which rarely need to come on, except when there’s an emergency occurring, or a potential incident where you might hit another vehicle or vehicle might hit you But this presents a really good opportunity to just go out there and save the lives of those who could not be saved and live and while driving an auto these are the two most dangerous points. And if there’s anything that can alert you to a dangerous situation that’s always better in the long run You


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