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The Most Dangerous Feature of Smartphones Battery Saver

One of the most dangerous things about your phone is when the screen goes dark. When you’re out and about, your phone can go to a low battery mode, making the screen dark.

If you’re out in the sun, you can’t see your phone. And this does cause a lot of different issues. For instance, if there’s an emergency, you can’t see your phone. And that’s a huge problem.

How will you contact someone when your screen is darkened, but your phone is still on? Sometimes you can go into the shade and make a call.

Nevertheless, this is dangerous, and cell phone companies need to start asking if it’s okay to darken people’s screens or if the cell phone maker needs to ask the question.

If your phone screen is dark to save power, and it creates a dangerous situation, that is not needed. I’m hoping in the future cell phones don’t have this feature or there’s a software update that asks people if it’s okay to darken their phones to save battery life.

It’s something I’ve noticed as of late that’s super annoying. It hasn’t been during an emergency, but I thought if it were during an emergency, that would not be a good thing.

And something terrible could happen because I cannot dial the phone. After all, maybe the sun is too bright, and I’m outside. Saving battery life is excellent, but not at the expense of safety is my point here.

Hopefully, phones will do this in the future. And not cause issues like not being able to see your screen during the day, which is not a big deal. If not an emergency, but if it’s an emergency. That would be a huge deal and super frustrating and can cause people to be in huge trouble.

If they can’t see their phone during an emergency when they’re outside, they may not be able to get help despite the phone still being on.


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