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Should the Metaverse be Built in Augmented Reality?

An interesting question I was thinking about the other day is should the metaverse should be built in virtual reality?

Yet, should it be built in augmented reality? The reason I say this is Snapchat is an application that uses augmented reality with success.

What if you could put on your sunglasses? And you could change people’s shirts with augmented reality and change people’s avatars immediately in real life with augmented reality, just through augmented sunglasses.

Now, this is a unique opportunity. I think this is a little bit better when it comes to digital purchases and creating the metaverse because what it allows you to do is you can change your shirt, for instance, digitally.

This is how you can put digital items on people, and people wouldn’t notice if it’s done very well. I have not seen this concept before. That’s why I’m writing about it. Nevertheless, if you’d buy digital items, then they are attached to you. However, it’d be with your sunglasses, so you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

So if someone bought a shirt, for instance, and it goes on to the shirt that they’re wearing, then they have that logo or that shirt design on for anyone who’s wearing those sunglasses, or those augmented reality glasses.

The same holds with watches or any avatars they might want to transform into if that is what they want to do. So this is an excellent opportunity for digital purchases. But I think sometimes virtual reality is claustrophobic.

Augmented reality is not claustrophobic because you’re just looking through some sunglasses, and the screen will show you exactly what it wants to show you as an overlay or interface. So I think augmented reality is actually what will end up taking off in the future when it comes to digital purchases.

The metaverse is being thought of as entirely wrong. People still want to live in reality, but they would love to be able to purchase things that make them look fantastic in existence, and that is the fact, and that’s what augmented reality can solve very quickly—just an exciting concept. But maybe the metaverse is being thought of as all wrong.

And we should be on augmented reality sunglasses or something like this that allows digital purchases that people can share with their friends. Because as all of us know, on social media, it’s about sharing for anything to take off.

So please share this article with your friends, so it does take off ;).

That’d be a cool thing that can be done from a marketing perspective. So there’s a lot of different stuff that can be done here with augmented reality similar to Snapchat and some of the filters we see on Instagram and Tiktok that can make the world a cool place. Versus just being stuck in virtual reality, and that’s the only time you see it. So it’s mobile, which is a big plus in creating an alternative reality through augmented reality.





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