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Augmented Reality Will Transform Education for the Better

Augmented reality holds the chance for education like we’ve not seen before. Augmented reality will result in education forever being changed.

The reason is that a teacher can teach something, show a 3d object in a classroom and then manipulate it for their lesson plan. This game changer keeps the students engaged because they still see the other students in the school and the teacher.

The problem with virtual reality, on the other hand, is you’re in a closed system, and you cannot see everyone. If augmented reality technology continues to improve, it will replace the iPads in the classroom.

This is about ten years down the line. What a school will do is they’re going to give everybody sunglasses or glasses that show a lesson plan in 3d.

This way, you can have 3d objects; if you’re a science teacher, for instance, and you want to show a planet, you can show the earth in the classroom lesson, and an enormous world will show in the classroom in 3d, and the whole class will be able to see it.

This can be applied to a lot of different lessons, and it can make them a lot more interactive.

As students, more than ever, have short attention spans, more technology needs to be put into the classroom. And that’s just the fact of the matter. Augmented reality has not reached the point where we have this yet, but it is coming down the pipeline to change education.

I would expect every classroom to have these sunglasses given to a student. They’ll eventually drop in price, and this will be a game changer when it comes to education, as well as allow you to see things you would not see previously. Ideally, you could have virtual and augmented reality in the same glasses.

This appears to be much further down the line, but it could be possible in a few years. We will see how augmented reality changes education soon.






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