Augmented Reality will make sports training a lot more fun!

Augmented reality will make sports training a lot more fun. The reason I say that is you could go to a football field for instance and have an invisible player trying to tackle you, and this is going to make you better at football.

Or you can use it to be able to read routes if you’re a receiver in football. If you’re a soccer player, for instance, you can also use it to play against invisible players. These are all things that make training for a particular sport a lot more fun augmented reality will provide this unique opportunity of being able to train with real players potentially, for instance, you could play another player in another area, and they would show up in the Augmented Reality Headset then you would have someone to play against from a multiplayer perspective, to train to get better for sports. So you wouldn’t just be going against a computer, for instance, you can be going against a real person to get better.

Maybe you’re a track star and you want to pace yourself. Well, you can have an invisible runner run in front of you. And that’s going to increase your time because it’s going to push you to stay with those runners. You could run a virtual race with augmented reality headsets or eventually sunglasses.

This is going to allow people to improve greatly in sports and expect the next generation to be even better than this generation as they’re going to be able to push themselves. I would not be surprised if they had pacers during Olympic racers that kept you on track to maybe reach an Olympic record pace. Expect more Olympic records to be broken if this is the case and augmented reality is used to be able to help athletes break records.

You can play an invisible basketball player. This can be a lot of fun and it will make people a lot better and it’s also gonna cause people to play a lot longer.

A lot of times you play by yourself and you’re shooting hoops. Well now you’re gonna get to play against an invisible player and that’s just going to be a lot of fun. There are so many different opportunities when it comes to sports training and other things of being able to push yourself.

It can create a workout interface that helps you do your workout and other things that continue to push you and I think that’s what you have to do in sports and augmented reality is going to do so many different things for sports and allow you to be able to do workouts do trainings and play people virtually and play the computer virtually.

The main thing is it’s just going to improve performance overall for athletes. So sports and augmented reality go hand in hand and it will be interesting to see how this develops. I’m super excited to play in some augmented reality.

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