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Augmented Reality Will Continue to Be More Portable with Security Risk

Augmented reality will continue to add to the portability of gaming and other applications, such as virtual reality. It will be able to travel anywhere with augmented reality.

You will work out in an almost natural environment, significantly, as the technology improves and is put into sunglasses and other types of devices that help with visual aids. The main thing with virtual reality is it’s not very portable, but augmented reality. It is very portable, as we’ve seen on our phones, with applications such as Pokemon Go, which have done a tremendous job with augmented reality.

We saw a bit of a craze in the smartphone market when it came to augmented reality in the past. I would expect the same to be valid with augmented reality in the future.

And it will continue to trend out as the technology improves with glasses and things that can hold augmented reality. Google tried to get into augmented reality many years ago but failed. It may have been a little bit too early. I think many people thought the sunglasses just were not that nice looking. I think if they tried again, with nicer-looking sunglasses, since the Tech has improved, we could get there.

Technology is well on the brink of doing some amazing things, as phone technology can be added to it and a whole bunch of other stuff. We’ll 1have to see how augmented reality develops over the coming years.

But the applications are endless regarding medical, gaming, and more. Providing information in real-time and at a very personal level in areas where data cannot be provided will be essential to emerge technologies. This will continue to develop as affordability improves and the visual screens improve with higher resolution and other factors that result in awesomeness.

And yes, it will be fantastic to have this portability built into your eyes. Being able to see your social media posts and other things also has a risk of having adware and stuff like that that people don’t like. So that is the leading risk. People don’t want to have ads thrown at their faces every day. And this could eventually cause augmented reality sunglasses to fail or any other similar technologies; it needs to be very close to no ads for it to be successful.

And the end of portability will be gray as long as ads don’t get thrown into it. And will result in better technology for people, which will improve their lives and make their lives better.

There are security risks with those risks can be minimized if companies are ethical in their decision-making. While this could be questionable based on the past of ads and technologies being used to track people, hopefully, it doesn’t get too out of control. Still, the benefits are going to be there.





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