James Webb Telescope a Super Deep Philosophy Look at the Future

The James Webb Telescope is bringing hope to millions. It’s bringing in a new generation of space enthusiast. It seems like space has gotten stale as of late. And it’s exciting to see a new generation see space images and high quality. Much like what we saw with the Hubble telescope.

Thinking about space is it’s fast and it offers the opportunity for endless exploration. Humanity is all about exploring the universe. Seeing the world as something new we’ve always been about taking that next step. And this telescope gives us the opportunity to be able to do such a thing.

Taking that next step in space is not always easy. However, the endless worlds that we will be able to explore over the coming years will be absolutely astounding. All of it is see things we have not been able to see ever. And while it’s just a small step in the grand scheme of things, it does influence us and provide inspiration like we’ve never seen before. We cannot underestimate the power of a telescope to bring that inspiration when we look up into the stars we see something deeper.

Within our souls our innate desire to see the wonder and science of the universe, how the universe works. It really is something that has propelled us in our technology into the future. It’s something that will keep propelling us into the future. It may seem like it’s a simple telescope out in space that takes images of faraway objects that will never be able to reach but any goal worth attempting.

Is always brought forth with a visionary goal. Since now we can see those far off objects we have something to shoot for something that will make us want to be better humans, something that will show us our place in the universe. We live on this small planet. And a lot of times we get caught up in our own internal affairs. These affairs are wars that do not need to be fought. That can easily be solved when people put away their pride. And as humans we need a bigger goal. A goal of going to space and this will show us a way to do that to do something that we have never led to we will see where it leads

We will see where space will take us and while this may be more philosophical in nature, philosophy has created some of the greatest things in the world, for there must be motivation to do great things in order to see great things. For that, that initiation of seeing amazing images of space. The hope can be brought no more but since we are able to see these images that are far off in the distance, much like what the Hubble telescope did, we will be influenced tremendously. Our movies will be better because we’ll see these images and we’ll be creating space movies. Our exploration and want to explore the universe will increase. It is really the only way to help us have world peace. I’m not saying we are a species that fights wars and does all this stuff. But it is exactly what has happened through history and continues to occur today. We need something more that will bring us out into space and allow us to see exploration. We’re explorers and that’s what it’s all about. It’s something deeper, it’s something more it’s something that can change everything in our lives, if yet we will just believe.

One could argue it will save humanity because eventually we must expand into the universe, or we risk overpopulation and other issues and limited resources for space ultimately holds limitless resources for humanity. If we don’t look into the stars, we will not find ourselves and we may actually become extinct. While it may seem far off, it may not be too far off as our wars keep on going on and we don’t seem to get around it no matter what we do. We end up fighting these crazy wars, these pointless wars that do not do anything because alias of life the loss of life and we don’t want to see that happen anymore

maybe there’s a way maybe we can focus our struggles on the stars. Some people think it’s a waste of money. Some people think it’s not worth going to the stars. I’m here to tell you that it’s most definitely worth going to the stars. It is our alias it is our thing that we must do as humanity. We must become a spacefaring civilization in order to be greats. If we are on this rock fighting each other for no particular reason, outside resources, which is what it really comes down to, will forever be doomed to the epitome of the universe and never go anywhere. We’ll be stuck in our own world. We must break through. We must take it to the next level. We must do something that’s never been done in the history of the world and the history of humanity. We must go deeper into the stars and do something that is hope. Hope it takes faith to go into the stars much like this amazing telescope out in space. It takes faith and inspiration and that is what has been brought back to us because of this telescope. A child will look into the stars and see amazingness we oftentimes forget to look up in the night sky when it’s covered by the lights of our world. We forget the majesty of it all. The beauty of all and sometimes we just need to look up just for a little while.

It is a research it is a research into the human spirit and what can be accomplished if we really set our minds to it. It is a research that is beyond anything we can imagine if we just take that step and no it will not be easy to travel into space and do amazing things. However, the challenge is worth it. The challenge can change us the challenge of it all are what we are about we love challenges. We love trying to be better and sometimes you have to think a little bit deeper. To understand why we must do this why we must continue to explore space most great technologies that have benefited humanity have actually come from space exploration. And that, my friends is another reason why we must go to space. Space is not just about the amazing photos that we’re gonna get. The endeavor itself makes society better. While military endeavors will look to destroy the world, space exploration looks to bring peace and make our lives better. And that’s why it’s so much better that we go up to the stars and change everything through that lens.

The lens of going further the lens of climbing Mount Everest and that is exactly what is found by going to the stars by doing something we thought could not be possible by doing the one thing that can make humanity better. Yes, the Endeavor itself can be a disaster.

It can be something that doesn’t work out. In fact, we lose many rockets all the time.

At great costs. In the end, though, it is worth it because what it does is it brings a deeper step to us and brings a deeper hope and that hope itself is a motivation, a motivation to be something better than what we are and it’s not always easy to do something like that. If we can get to space in the end, our lives will be much better. And this telescope brings in that philosophy and motivation to do so. But we must strike it must not be a waiting time we must be influenced by the inspiration of these photos we get back from space. We can’t let this gift go away. This gift of seeing God’s touch and the stars this gift that would make Star Trek amazing. And there’s so much hope that can happen. There’s so much hope that can lead us into a deeper tomorrow and to get to a better tomorrow. You have to be willing to see the amazingness of the universe. The mystery of it all and the mystery that we’re going to explore in space and how it will change our lives and make our lives better. And I know it may sound absolutely crazy, the ability of this telescope to bring in such an ideal and idealism that can change the entire world. But the reality is situation is that anything is possible. If you just set your mind to it. If you just dig a little bit deeper, if you don’t stop if you look for a way that can change the world. And my friends, anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Anything can be great

we can find a richer self, a richer moment much like opening up a rich book and hearing a good story. We all have stories of space and what we’ve done. There’s a reason why Star Wars and Sci Fi series are so popular because we know of the incredible stories that can be found in a universe that is endless and boundless. We don’t have the ability to ever explore the entire universe. And that’s my friends is the amazing thing. That my friends is the thing that will change everything.

We must feel inspired. We must feel like we can do something that has never been done before. And yes, it may sound crazy, but it’s definitely possible. If we just set our minds to it and let the music settle, let the music settle upon the stars. Let the music settle from this telescope that will lead us to a greater tomorrow. That tomorrow can be right there. Yet we can ruin it right now. We can definitely ruin our ability to go to space and I don’t want to see that. The Wars of today are a detriment to humanity and our ability to go into the stars. We continue to waste our resources on pointless wars over small scuffles that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. We should be focusing on being a unity society and civilization that doesn’t fight each other over stupid ideals and ideologies. That is the greatest threat to humanity and the ends and we must find a way to look at these pictures as an inspiration to save humanity. These pictures have the ability to save humanity by saving our soul by saving our spirit of what is possible and that deeper universe of things and to be able to see this telescope and go down the stretches of eternity. We have a way of being able to make it but if we keep fighting wars over territorial gains and boundaries that simply do not matter. We simply will fade into eternity through our own demise. Our own fiery and that is incredibly pointless and a total waste of our human potential. We have a gifts and our gift is to be able to explore this universe but we oftentimes see it’s so caught up and the little things that indeed ruins any hope or faith that we possibly could have at any given time. And that my friends is the scary part that we may ruin this gift that we have from these pictures that can lead us into a new era of space exploration. We must push open the doors of space in a way that we’ve not seen before we must look deeper into our hope. We must create our own fate and our own fate cannot be upon a fiery ends. That is what we are doing today. Fighting these wars that don’t matter fighting moments that don’t matter. We must look at these pictures and say hey, there’s a better thing that we can see stuff that we’ve never seen before.

We can all be scientists if we set our minds to it and look upon what we can do. We can’t get bogged down in political quagmire. It is a waste of time. We must find ways to go deeper into the universe so that we can get away from all that, that maybe we can find a more perfect tomorrow, a utopia of sorts. And this utopia can be found in these pictures if we just set our minds to it and stop scuffling over the small things that bog us down and prevent us from being able to see the world for what it really is an amazing universe that we live in. And we have this gift and these gifts is here because of this telescope. The telescope shows us a lie. It shows us what we’re capable of where we can go while we can be who we can be. And that’s the amazing thing about it.

I think a lot of times humanity may not think it’s worth it. Can we ever make it to the stars, and we need these pictures to lead us to the stars. And we are worth it that we can do this. But we need to put everything together. We need to stop all the problems that occur with us and think, What can this actually do for us? Can we gain the technologies from going to space that are going to make humanity better? And the answer that question is yes, we must look because of the hope of it, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. And that will in the end lead us down the road of going to space and being something that we did not know we could be. There is so much human potential out there. Yet we are about to ruin it with our pointless wars and threat of nuclear annihilation. It’s just not worth it over the small landmasses that just don’t matter. We must find a way to go deeper to figure out how we can get over those things. So we can get this space. There must be international unity. You want to go into space so we can actually invest and being able to do this from a humanity perspective. And these pictures, bring it to the masses, everything that is so beautiful about space, everyone can look at those photos and start studying those images and learn more and be inspired by the great images that are being sent back by the James Webb Telescope From a philosophy perspective, it is about the greater endeavor about taking it further. Not because it is easy, but because it’s hard, because anything worth doing takes tremendous effort, but the rewards of going into space and having our civilization reached space or beyond anything else. If there were, say another alien race that was out in space how do you think they got there? They pursued going into space if this is the case we must also just the potential that there is another civilization out there that’s also in space means that we must also look to go into space and that is what the James Webb it’ll show us it will show us just how deep and complex the universe is, and what the benefits are of going to space of seeing an amazing place of seeing an amazing thing that we haven’t been able to see ever. All of our sci fi and games go towards this idea of going to space, a lot of it at least, and I think the observation of what we’re going to see from this telescope will influence generations to want to do more for good doing this. But again, there’s only so much time that we have and then we have to build another telescope. So it’s really important that we get to the point of wanting to do this, not because it’s just something that’s there, or philosophical concept even even though this is more philosophical, but because it’s the right thing to do for humanity. If we go to space, we’ll find something deeper. We’ll find something more that we didn’t think was possible. And that’s the amazing thing about it.

We’ll find that we can do some pretty amazing things when we set our mind to it. Ability to develop and grow can be so much more. It is really something that we’re almost growing by seeing this amazing artwork of the universe. We grow from an artistic perspective, culturally, we’re going to see some amazing things from the images of this telescope. The culture is going to change just by the images we see from this telescope and I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but that is absolutely the truth. By what we get back from this. More people around the world will see this and more space agencies will come up from other countries, and even more will be done to get to space but we must unify we must not divide ourselves in space. Space is a place where humanity can grow and there’s lots of resources we just need to get the technology to build a harness those resources and that can have a huge effect on humanity. And our ability to do some amazing things.

It may sound like this is not possible that we can’t reach that point where everybody’s coming together and there’s peace on earth. Yet it is possible if we just set our minds to it. If we just dig a little deeper about what this telescope can do for us about the deep interest of being able to just see stuff that we couldn’t see before and as education continues about our universe, and we learn new things, which we will learn a lot just from these pictures that were not possible previously. We’ll find that our place in the universe is definitely worth the investment of going to space the investment of something more the investment of doing something great and NDN that’s what you really want to be that’s where you want to go. And that could do so much to make the world a better place.

type of investments are not easy. In fact, they’re very hard to do. It is a big investment just to go to space.

It’s not an easy investment. It feels like we’re there’s other things that we need to be doing. Get the technology gained will actually benefit us the most that’s why you see farming and space and other things that are done. So we can improve our way of life.

Our views and ways of the universe most people who create rockets for instance, did not just shoot a rocket off they spent years loving space, doing the exploration of space through pictures, and a new generation will be influenced by these pictures in such a way we will see new rockets and better technology just from the influence of having an amazing space telescope and in the future when this telescope is out of date, the same will hold true the benefits of the influence of being able to have people who want to create amazing technology and do even more will far outweigh anything else.

You could argue there’s more pressing matters than going to space and influencing people. Yet this is the perfect balance the balance that will get us there. The balance that will lead us to a better tomorrow.

At the end, is this all worth it? And I think when it comes right down to it is you could make an argument that it’s not worth it, that it’s not worth spending the money to go to space that it’s not worth doing these amazing things. And yes, you could have some valid points. It may not be worth it in the end. Yet, what will happen if we don’t try? What will happen if we don’t try to do the great things of space much like this telescope the great stories of tomorrow will not be written the great influencers of tomorrow will not go forth

the great scientists may never be the great rocket scientists may never launch to Mars. These the risk of not having a telescope that creates such a philosophical motivation to want to go to space and that’s why this telescope is so important. The James Webb will influence an entire generation to want to pick up their telescopes and see the universe to want to be more than just nothing to want to go towards a greater cause and a greater why unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and that my friends is the amazing thing about it. That in order to do this, the challenge of it all will bring us forth. The challenge of learning more about black holes and planets and everything in the universe will lead us to wanting to go to those places. In the future. The exoplanets that we’re going to learn about will lead us into a better tomorrow it will lead us into learning more about our own origins and our planet. And how we can treat our planet better. That’s really what it comes down to from that standpoint of being able to be something greater than ourselves by doing the right things and trying to go forth into the universe. The challenge of it all is the ultimate challenge for humanity and having an influence of the James Webb Telescope will lead us into a better tomorrow. Because of that challenge. Telescopes are not there just to learn. They are there. To make us want to be more.

To lead us into the stars. The Earth overall is small for us and it may seem big and it’s absolutely beautiful. But in order for us to have the resources we need, we must look to space on order is for us to break free of our pointless wars. As I’ve said before, we must have the space of space and I know that kind of rhymes. But that is the absolute truth. If we don’t have the space in order to expand our civilization, we will continue li run out of resources and that James Webb Telescope is going to show us what our potential will be, what our potential can be, where we can go if we just set our mind to it and that my friends is the amazing part of it all. The amazing part of going to space is more than just going to space. It is about the resource management on our planets and being able to have the inspiration to want to take on those moments because it is a great endeavor. And we must look at ways to increase our ability to handle our resources. And if we can handle our resources, well, we will then result and being able to do even more for humanity from a deeper level and philosophical level, but it must be at the heart of humanity in order to do these great things in order to do something we’ve never done before. It must be an even deeper level than what we thought was possible. And when you get right down to it, it can all be done. It can all be done on a deeper level. If we have it in our hearts to do that, and the resource management, if we can get to the point where we can get away from resource management, which this telescope will influence if we just take the amazing pictures by heart we’ll be able to expand out into the solar system and manage our resources even better because of the James Webb Telescope has influenced us to actually look deeper into the stars right now that James Webb Telescope is trending. Yes, but that’s not the point. The point is it leads us to a better tomorrow. It leads us to a better place. It leads us to a moment that we can be something truly great. And in the end that’s where you want to be. You want to find those deeper moments that can make you truly great as we send astronauts into space. As space becomes commercialized. We don’t want to lose our hope. We don’t want to make space stale. We want to see that all of space and what the benefits of having the resources of space are. Yes, companies will want to take those resources and do stuff. But if we can manage those resources right if we can make the resources, something that benefits all of humanity, we can do something truly, truly great with our influence from James Webb and the heart that it gives us to want to do those great things in space. I guarantee you right now there are kids that are looking at these photos and they’re thinking, I want to be astronauts and they will look at those photos and say, I can do this. We can go to space. We can be something more we can do something more that we’ve never done before. And that is the amazing thing of the James Webb Telescope is it’s giving us the ability to be something more to do something more than maybe wasn’t possible previously, but is now because of what we are trying to do something greater, something that will lead us into the moments of the great resource management that we are possibly have in space of being able to mine asteroids and do other things and look to exoplanets eventually expand humanity.

And that’s where it’ll be at guys. That’s where the hope lies. That new generation is being influenced. And these are the great things about telescopes like the James Webb is that a new generation is being influenced to endeavor into space. And while I’m not able to go to space, I’m hoping that future generations will learn from this book to go to space to be influenced by those moments of wanting to go to space of wanting to be something more wanting to do something great like being an astronaut. That’s exactly what the James Webb Telescope does, is it’s almost like a really good motivational video for space and dough. You can call it almost a new hope. You can call it a new hope. And that’s the excitement, a new hope that will lead us into a new generation that will explore the reaches of space and do something incredibly great.

Much like Star Wars has a new hope the James Webb brings a new hope to space exploration. A way for us to dig away from all that pointless fighting that we keep on sending ourselves through for no particular reason whatsoever.

Much like the explorers of the past, crossing oceans to explore new lands, we’ll find ourselves in the stars, exploring new locations and lands in which we never thought possible. A new generation will find things we never thought possible and create new technologies from these images and be influenced to do great things. And this influence is hopefully something we don’t lose that is the risk of a telescope. Is it enough to influence a generation to want to go to the stars and see Mars and all the other planets and creates colonization that will change the universe? And that, my friends is the deepest risk here, that it fails, that it flows by this generation and they don’t see the wonder of space and all that I can offer. And that my hope for the James Webb is that people will go to space and find the amazingness of it all will find that there’s something deeper that wasn’t possible previously.

If we’re ever gonna get off this rock influence of these telescopes is very important. And it’s something that we don’t always think about. It’s something that reaches a area that is very important though. For if we don’t get to that point, we will be in the darkness of eternity forever. We will not find our place among the stars. And we will not understand every everything that we could have understood. That will lead us to a better life and a better place. And that, my friends, is the deep, inevitable beauty of it all. That we can at this very moment. Take ourselves down the tunnel of time and do something that can change our lives. Instead of being in a dark tunnel will be an open tunnel with stars that we can explore and a whole plethora of options. We don’t want to limit our options. That’s why this telescope is so important from a scientific perspective.

It prevents us from limiting our options. When our only option is to fight wars over limited resources, we must break off from this planet to find more resources, and that is exactly what must be done. And if we dance, I spell the doom of our planet, the doom of our civilizations and everything could be lost. So we must go to space because it is important is important to get out of our own heads. It is important to stop with these small scuffles and that James Webb is going to help influence a generation to do this. But we need to encourage them we need to encourage them to go to the stars to do more than just fight pointless wars that don’t do anything for the greater good of humanity. We’re all people. And I think that’s the one thing that space reminds us of it’s something greater than ourselves that we understand.

Understanding this very important thing is so important to our why in the universe. Why are we here why the big questions that can be answered by exploring space are so incredibly important. In the end, it’s about a better tomorrow being able to do something better than what we were able to do the previous day. And I know it seems like this is repeating but it’s so important that we reached that point where there is a better tomorrow and a better day. And the only way to ensure a better day is by going deeper into what we thought was not possible. And then we can create a better tomorrow by doing such things that we thought were impossible we can see what we can do. And that’s all you really have to say to reach your potential. Just see what we can do and go from there. Take it one step at a time and use these images or really be inspired to do something great you can even use these images to do something great in your life. It doesn’t have to necessarily be going to space. It can be so much more. It can be everything you never thought it could be. And that’s the amazing thing about it is you can really take it to the next level. If you just but think you can do that.

These photos can be used to inspire you spiritually and to draw you closer to God the amazingness of these photos really bring in the light of the beauty of the universe. And I think that’s one of the greatest things about the James Webb is you’ll be able to see the beauty over the coming years of what this universe offers and what it offers. From a beauty standpoint. It’s almost an artistic look at the universe, a way for us to dig deeper and to the amazingness of what we can see out there about these large objects that we may never be able to see in real life but can see in these wonderful photos. Eventually, though, our kids and grandchildren could see these places in person if we just stay the course if we don’t give up. And that’s the amazing thing about it is it influences us not to give up on our lives to continue going. When it may not always be easy. But James Webb is not just about space, it’s about life on Earth. It’s about something more something that leads us down paths that we never thought we could do.

To lead us down paths that are just impossible in our lives and helping us think that hey, maybe this is possible. Or maybe it just gives us a humble moment in our lives. And I think really a lot of countries and a lot of people around the world just need to be humble and happy with what their habits always about more and more and more. And eventually that gets tiresome. Why not look at something that’s in the heavens and looks absolutely amazing. To give you some perspective on your life, to give you a better outlook than maybe what you had previously. And that’s the amazing thing about going to space is you can gain even better outlook on the your life in general and see the beauty of the universe and that beauty can really just bring tears to your eyes. It really can if you really think about everything there is in the universe. is a really deep philosophical look at the James Webb and its social impact. And what it has the ability to do, if we use it to the maximum potential for philosophy is the way to motivating us to go to the stars to do great things. And that is why I’ve written this book is so you guys realize that the philosophy of the James Webb why it was made is so important, and that we must keep our intentions pure in the aspect of space because space if we mess it up can be lost to us in a way that we don’t really think about in general For if we’re going to reach the stars, we need to be thinking about it a different way we need to be thinking about it from a philosophical perspective, because this will be the only way we reach the stars for the argument can be made that the resources need to stay on Earth that we shouldn’t be sending people to space that we shouldn’t be spending vast amounts of money on a space program, that we have bigger problems on Earth. And these arguments may be valid, but we need to have a more long term view. Everyone has a short term view of just a few minutes it seems like these days, and we need to look at the bigger picture of what actually is possible. And when we start looking at the bigger picture. The future is much better if we focus on space and get the resources out in space and also find ourselves in the universe. Because if we do that, we will truly find a deeper moment in time. A deeper outlook on life, a deeper perspective that wasn’t possible previously. And that perspective will lead us into better future of tomorrow. And in the end, that’s where you want to be in the better future. And that’s what the James Webb telescopes bringing us. It’s bringing us a better future. That was not possible previously, that could not be possible previously. It’s leading us to a moment where we can actually go out into space and do something that was not something that could have been done before. And that’s why it’s so important that we look deeper and do the things that are not easy, not just from a philosophical question, but from a perspective that it will create a better future for us. And that’s what the pictures of the James Webb will do. They will lead us into the want to see something more to go on the journey of a deeper journey than we have ever thought we could do. And that is the amazing thing about it is that those journeys can happen if we just set our mind to it. If we just dig a little deeper, if we just think about what is possible, and then we will eventually make it. And that’s the thing, guys, you can make it if you really think about something deeply and that will cause us to think deeper about the universe and our perspective in it. And as we dig deeper into the thought process of the universe, we will then become better in every aspect in every moment. Because we will look for ways to improve the world versus looking for ways to destroy the world like we do today and pointless wars And that my friends, the beauty of it all, that we have a chance we have a chance now because of this telescope, to bring in a new generation to influence the current generation and hopefully get us to Mars and other planets that we never thought we could go to, that we’ve had struggled to go to over the past few years. It’s something deeper, it’s something more and something that we must look at and to really becoming even greater than what we are, and it can be done. It just needs to be focused. It just needs to be something deeper than just doing it and needs to be a why situation.

Why are we going to space because it can create a better future and a lot of people do not understand this, that it will actually create a better future and it has created a better future in the past from the technologies we’ve gained from it. So if we guess we want to make it but if we remain focus we can actually make it we can do something great. We can do something that’s never been done before, on that reaches of the universe in our deeper broader understanding of the universe that will deepening our why of why we’re doing something so deeply. And in the end. That’s what you really want to be. You want to go deeper and further and that will give us the motivation and philosophy to be able to go deeper into space. Right now we have a philosophy crisis when it comes to space, and we need to get that back. Much like Star Trek. We need to get that philosophy back of going deeper into the universe and doing even more. And finding those hidden things in the universe that can make our lives better and give us a deeper understanding of our place and it’s is a philosophy of motivation to do something great, not just for the sake of it. This is the great thing about a telescope was it brings a motivation to want to go to the stars. And in order to get to the stars, we must look deeper into those moments that can make the world a better place. And something like this brings hope to the exploration of space. For space is not easy for space is one of the most hostile environments we can possibly go but if we continue to improve our technologies and be motivated to do such things will eventually improve our way of life on Earth. Much like technologies have risen up and made our lives better. So just air conditioners fridges and more. The technology gained from space exploration will be immense. But we must believe that we can do it. We must believe that we can eventually get there. I think most of our issues with space exploration comes from the belief that we can do so bravely and believe we can do it we can do incredible things. If we do not believe we can do it, we will do nothing, nothing will occur. The motivation is not there. It must be an all in or all out type situation. Space Exploration is not easy. It’s something that is a long game. It’s something that takes many years or you may not even see the results in your lifetime. Your children will see the results of the struggles of space exploration. We won’t have satellites without space exploration. We won’t have things that we have today, without the immense work of people in the past. The same holds true with the James Webb telescope, it will revive an influence that will bring in a new era of space travel, and it must be done. Much like the Hubble telescope brought in the space shuttle years. We must do those things that are not easy because it is something that must be done and something that will preserve humanity into the future and prevents our issues that we haven’t done on earth today. It is not a must. It is not a matter of if it is what must be done. To preserve humanity. Space must be explored. Space must be a way for us to see all of the universe

and find ourselves amongst the stars. For everything leading up to that moment will have been worth it. If we make it to space if we make it to another planet where we can then grow and expand and getting better technologies. And then eventually TerraForm planets many many years from now hundreds of years from now, which can lead to our ability to maximize our resources and end the idea that we have limited resources it will change everything and lead to a better way. But we must be patient and we must persevere along the lines of space exploration. And no, it will not be easy. It will be something that will be a struggle. It will be incredibly challenging. Yet if we can get to the point where we can TerraForm planets and even use the energy of stars better. The gains will be immense. If we can figure out better solar technologies that can use the sun. Energy won’t be an issue in space or on earth. These are the advantages of going to space. We learn things we wouldn’t learn otherwise because we learn from the problems of going to space. We solve problems like we’ve never saw before. And that’s the amazing idea of going to space is it allows us to see a deeper future.

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