Next Gen Video Game Theory

Lighting Will Push the Boundaries of Next Gen Video Games

The future of gaming will most likely consist of better lighting. We’ve seen this as a trend. The lighting of games has significantly improved over the past few years. This has been a focus ever since ray tracing took effect. Sure, we’ve had other lighting effects that greatly impacted us.

However, when ray tracing came along, everything seemed to change. The lighting and games are something that we don’t always think about, but it has allowed games to look more lifelike.

As the next generation of virtual reality comes along, expect the lighting and those games to improve. Not only will the resolution of those games improve, but we will also see improvement in illumination. This is important as the lighting does make the game look even crisper and more apparent. This also is an argument that resolution is not everything. Eventually, we will reach a point wherein virtual reality, for instance, you will not be able to tell the difference if there’s more resolution added. This is a point where lighting will be added, much like the games of today.

Once you reach a resolution point, the benefits are minimal. However, lighting can be continued to improve PlayStation VR two will have a significant impact on lighting and games, at least from a master’s perspective.

It can be expected that we’ll have mass adoption of this system. This will further push the boundaries of what can be done from a lighting perspective and virtual reality. Additionally, it will make the boundaries of what can be done in classic video games that the next generation. Expect significant changes when it comes to lighting over the next few years. As the technology improves, performance improves with new algorithms that cause the games to run even better. We saw this in the previous generation as tricks were done in the Xbox 360 days.

This is how games can run better on hardware that’s not as powerful. Looking back at the last games, the Xbox 360 generation, you’ll see excellent lighting. The same will hold for the current generation of virtual reality and PlayStation 5 games.

I have high hopes for the future of VR when it comes to the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, which will significantly impact the lighting and games that further goes towards the boundary of whether or not you can tell that you are in virtual reality. A lot of times, we underestimate the ability of lighting to take a significant impact on our immersion in the game. So as you can see, there’s a lot more going on under the hood here; your favorite game



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