Gaming Channels Require Perfect Thumbnails and Titles or Else on Youtube

One of the most important things that I have learned on YouTube is that if you do not have a good title or thumbnail, you are completely dead. As a gaming YouTube channel, I have struggled immensely.

We’re trying to make it on YouTube. I have posted over 1000 gaming videos and I barely have much to show for it recently though, I got into Search Engine Optimization. By using ideas of what is trending and what doesn’t have necessarily a lot of videos, I’ve been able to garner some views I haven’t been able to get previously on things like a video game montage. I have now been focusing on problems and video games versus focusing on entertainment.

I do think this is the only way for a gaming channel to make it on YouTube after trying everything you need to focus on how-to videos or game reviews.

Or even I’ve heard that you can use easter egg videos to get some views to listicles can also work but I’ve found that it’s really hard to get people in search using list unless it’s a brand new game. Even if you do all those things and your thumbnail stinks, you’re not going to be able to do a very good job. As a video game channel, I’ve seen it all tried it all, and know kind of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been able to get over 1000 subscribers in the past year but it was not easy.

As I was learning the ropes of YouTube. Even now I question what I’m doing every day but I try to put the cards in my favor by making a good thumbnail. This is the first thing I focus on when it comes to YouTube because if no one clicks your video, what’s the point? You need to have a catchy thumbnail.

I really recommend using one of those photo apps to help you out to create good thumbnails. I have found Adobe Express has been the best for what I’ve been trying to do.

It allows you to remove the background and do other things like that. That’s extremely helpful. Additionally, your title needs to be very good I recommend getting a title generator that helps you when it comes to your videos. Just something that will give you ideas of what’s a good title for your vvideo. Videos are not easy, and that’s the point. And you need to do all you can and make people click on your video on YouTube.

That’s just how it works. Unless you’re creating YouTube shorts then all you have to do is create a really short catchy video that holds people’s attention, and Garner’s likes and your video will get promoted on YouTube. This is the easiest way to bank into the gaming. However, you’ll struggle at times either way. So put the cards in your favor and have a good thumbnail and title.

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