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Exercise Will Be Fun When Augmented Reality Glasses Come Out

Exercise will change once it gets into augmented reality. And this has not happened. What it’s going to take is some cool glasses that people can wear.

For instance, something could be flying at you, and then you would punch it in the air or kick it, and that could create an excellent workout. The reason why it would make such a good workout is if you didn’t kick it, you could lose points.

So let’s say a whole bunch of fruits is coming at you, and you must knock the fruit down. Well, if you miss the fruit, you lose points. So there’s a challenge of getting better.

You could also learn a lot of different techniques concerning self-defense through augmented reality sunglasses. So there’s so much opportunity here regarding fitness and being able to push yourself during a workout.

Yet it wouldn’t feel like you’re pushing yourself. Augmented Reality can turn everything into a workout. If you can turn an activity into a game by using augmented reality, creating a movement that’s fun and engaging is not too hard.

For instance, you could go outside and play basketball against a virtual player. And that would be a way to get you to play harder and become a better player.

Let’s say that player was Michael Jordan; for instance, you would play as hard as possible to beat Michael Jordan if he was in augmented reality. The movement would improve your basketball skills and make you a lot better.

Also, let’s say the points are that you have to get around Michael Jordan to score, and you have to score more than Michael Jordan. You can see the type of workout this would wield.

Anyway, it would be a lot of fun.  As you can see, the workout would be rather intense if you’re playing at the level to try to beat Michael Jordan. The same could hold while playing a football game.

You could go to an actual field and play against real players, and there could be a return. For instance, you’d have to run the ball back and not get tackled.

Then as soon as a player touched you. The screen would go red, and you’d have to stop. These things can keep you moving, and in shape, that’s for sure.

Because if you’re sprinting like Bo Jackson the entire time, you’ll get tired. So augmented reality also holds the fun regarding workouts and having ideas out there that push you during your workouts.

The imagination is the limit, and so many different ways people can do this. Once augmented reality with thin film glasses is accomplished, it’s going to change everything, and everybody’s just going to be in excellent shape. Well, we’ll have to see. People will have to use it like all things when working out equipment.



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