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I Bought Halo Infinite Season Passes to Support No Other Reason

I bought the Halo Infinite season, not because I like it. I bought it because I see the potential of Halo infinite in the future. I want to support a developer that is struggling with Halo Infinite. Focusing on armor instead of maps makes me not want to keep it. Halo infinite continues to grow regarding game modes.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Trailer

These game modes are suitable. It’s not easy to create game modes. So I’m excited to see these game modes in the game. It does allow me to jump into something that I’m excited to play that’s a little bit different. However, they need to add more maps to this game. I bought the season passes to support them and create more maps and more content surrounding these maps. I don’t care if they bring in the old maps. I want something that’s going to give this game some legs.

Halo Infinite Fracture Trailer

They haven’t done anything to give Halo Infinite legs per se or to bring in a new audience, and they need to start looking into doing this, or the game will crash. So I’m hoping my money for support will help them grow this game to where it needs to go. We’ll see what happens. Nevertheless, I don’t want to wait till season 10 to get legit new maps. Two maps are just not enough.

Playing Halo Infinite Season Pass





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