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There Need to Be More Games Like Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers battle league is an exhilarating game because it brings soccer to life in the video game world, but I like that it is different. And I think they need to go back to innovative sports games, and that’s one of the issues that has been occurring in all the sports games. They are all the same.

Mario Strikers Battle League

Remember the older series where all the games would be varied—the NFL Blitz series where they would try to do something unique. And we need to do that more with sports. Those wild types of sports games do well, and they don’t make them anymore outside of Nintendo.

NFL Street was a great example of a game.

Imagine NFL Street as a next-gen title and how good it would look with those characters and players. A lot can be done there. They need to get back to these games because I think there’s a massive market for these sports games.

They’re funny, and if they have funny announcers, it just gets even more comical. Some of the funniest announcers come from these funny-type games that are hilarious. And that’s why they need to get back to their roots and create some of these funny games that are just outlandish, like NFL Blitz, and I think Mario Strikers battle league is getting back to this.

And that’s an excellent idea for Nintendo to bring this back because there is a market for these types of games that get sports into a distinct way of playing from what we’re used to.

And people will play those games that enjoy soccer or anything related to that specific sport. NBA Jam, for instance, was a game that did very well by changing up what basketball could be. And that’s the exciting thing about these games is they make it fun. Again, it’s not just a simulator, it’s not just a sports simulator; it is more.

It is something funny; it is something where you can play as your favorite players and have them jump 30 feet in the air or do a magic trick like they’re going to do in Mario Strikers battle League. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different, Mario Strikers battle league may be the game for you on the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the game here:





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