Ace Combat Getting It’s Own Top Gun Maverick Expansion

If you’re looking for a Top Gun experience with a new Maverick movie that’s now out. You can do that with Ace Combat the game-based combat now is an expansion where you can play as a Top Gun pilot.

So if you’re looking to fire up your favorite Top Gun music and fly around like a crazy jet fighter, you can now do that with the Top Gun expansion pack that is an Ace Combat seven.


This is a huge deal as Ace Combat has really good gameplay and good graphics that can bring to light the amazingness of Top Gun. Top Gun is the perfect franchise to bring forth because it is a jet fighter game and Ace Combat is also a jet fighter game that does it well. These two combined can do a very good job.

Microsoft Flight Simulator also has its own so make sure to check that out too. They’ve added a free expansion for Top Gun Maverick

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