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Top Gun Maverick was the Right Choice for Microsoft Flight Simulator

It was a really smart thing for Microsoft to add a Top Gun expansion to their Flight Simulator game. And it’s a free expansion if you’re looking to get those flight skills up with Top Gun and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ace Combat also did the same thing. They’ve also added a Top Gun expansion too so you can get your Top Gun on!

Top Gun Maverick Microsoft Flight

The new Top Gun movie is pushing it when it comes to video games and trying to get their stuff into these games. The thing that’s different here is they’re not creating a separate Top Gun game.

They’re creating expansion packs from successful games. And in the end, this might be more successful as Flight Simulator has a huge player base and Ace Combat has a huge player base.

So if you’re going to promote a movie, maybe this is the way to do it much like many other franchises do, like Call of Duty when they have special promotions, but it’s exciting to see Top Gun get added to these jet games.

It just seemed like they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

And who doesn’t want some good peanut butter and jelly when it comes to these flight sims that have some major experiences when it comes to creating content like this.

Top Gun needed a good game for a long time. It’s the ultimate flight movie. If they can get the games down, right, they’re gonna have some good stuff going on in regards to Top Gun and people live their pilot dreams.






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