Is the New Halo Infinite Update Enough?

Is the new Halo infinite update enough? That’s the question we’re going to try to answer here. Overall, I’d say the update is lackluster and it does not add a bunch of maps. It doesn’t do a lot of stuff that people are looking for though.

Halo Infinite

It adds a ton of skins that people can buy for their characters. So I guess that’s a good thing from that perspective. Outside of that, the new Halo infinite update is not a lot. However, what it does well is it refines the gameplay, and eventually this game could be very good. The gameplay aspect of this game is perfect and that’s what’s keeping people playing. It’s not the skins it’s not all the updates. It is because it is Halo.

It is all about the gameplay, so if they could just make some new maps with this gameplay. I think this game could take off. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Halo infinite and whether people will come back after the recent Lone Wolves Battle Pass. However, it will take some time for people to kind of grow into the season. And get the new upgrades by the season pass. But right now it just seems like a way for them to earn some extra money so they can maybe update the game further.

There really should have been about five maps that came out with this and they only released two. However, maybe they were working on all the new game modes, which from a programming perspective probably is not the easiest thing to put together.

So we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re working hard to get this game updated and get it to be one of the best Halo games ever. I do think eventually by the fifth update, they will have one of the best games ever. It just will take a while but they’re gonna get there someday. Sadly, we have to wait six months for the next update.

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