Next Gen Video Game Theory

If Xbox Game Pass Masters the Gaming Cloud Watchout!

Is the Xbox game cloud the future? And it seems like every single day that it is. The Xbox is a powerful system with many great things going on, and the cloud is the way to go.

I just recently played a game in the cloud. I was impressed by the game in general and how it ran. I played the new Sniper Elite 5, and it ran flawlessly. Same thing with NBA 2k22. It ran great.

And it did not do this at first. When I first played this service, they were updating the cloud. And this could be something to watch because if they can master the cloud, it may be a way for them to get away from all the consoles that are out right now. And if they’re able to do that, we’re going to be looking at a future.

That’s going to be amazing when it comes to the cloud because most of the indie games now you can’t tell you’re even running on the cloud. It’s going to be bonkers.





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