Why Augmented Reality in Sunglasses Will Be the Next Smartphones

Augmented reality will continue to be the future for a lot of different reasons. And I think it comes down to mainly that there are huge investments in augmented reality. Augmented reality will lead us to a time where people will have all technology and their sunglasses.

Augmented Reality Sunglasses

For better or worse. It’s a very interesting concept to have sunglasses that have augmented reality. If Facebook can master the sunglasses correctly, along with their virtual reality technology, they can take the market by storm. However, if they keep focusing on virtual reality technology, they could find themselves at a loss when it comes to this tech. And it’s true. They have to figure this out. They need a way to get their technology into sunglasses. And I’m scared that the phone manufacturers are going to figure this out before anyone else because they have experience with creating very good screens.

They have already gotten around all the resolution issues. However, now the technology is standardized, and it’s not as big of a deal for another company to jump in there and do that. We could see a company like Rolex for instance, create some sunglasses and get into the smart technology game. And that’s one of the biggest things that we’re seeing here. And this game of smart technology is if they figure this out, whoever or whichever company figures this out, it will be a major player for the tech industry and what’s going on and taking it from that standpoint.

It will not necessarily be an easy thing to implement. However, if you get augmented reality and sunglasses, for instance, and you’re able to check your social media feed, take pictures this way, and do all that other stuff. It’s going to be a game-changer for social media in general. It will also be a game-changer for video games, in video games, you’re gonna be able to play a virtual basketball character with your sunglasses on and that can be a really good workout and also make you a much better basketball player at the same time. So there is so much that can be accomplished by this idea of augmented reality and the ability to just try astounding pieces of games that have not even been thought of Imagine being able to play Pokemon GO literally with your sunglasses, and I think that’s where it’s all going to change where you’re not going to differentiate augmented reality from reality and it’s much easier.

Once we have the right screens that go into our sunglasses to create this experience and make it look lifelike. There are so many augmented reality games out right now or use your phone where they’re kind of clunky, it just hasn’t reached that point. But once we reach the point where it’s in your sunglasses and it can detect your hands and the motions of your hands for maybe a sensor on the sunglasses, we have reached the next level. A lot of this sensor technology already existed many years ago, and the technology has been here for a very long time. For instance, the Xbox had to connect the Kinect to different emotions when you moved around. There were some really good workout games and other things. Imagine being able to work out or those sunglasses on with a boxing game.

You’re going to get a good workout in and it’s going to feel very natural right now. You have to be holding something or a controller. But the Kinect had the technology to implement this and create some great stuff that was not necessarily possible from that standpoint. So we can get to that point where the tech just takes off a tech goes and gets into as many avenues as possible.

We could see a time when there is an app for that and augmented reality sunglasses. And once it reaches that point, my friends the world will change the world will be completely different if you can put anything in your visual field and it looks real and it looks like you have sunglasses on. That’s a game-changer. Imagine being able to be in a movie and augmented reality movie. It would be completely interactive, which is one of the problems with movies these days is they’re not interactive, but they’re gonna be interactive.

If you have the augmented reality sunglasses on. And you’re able to watch the movie with characters walking around your room per se. So there are so many different opportunities here but mainly on the workout. Gaming and social media front is where augmented reality will continue to provide an experience that we just don’t get anywhere else and it’s an exciting time. I don’t know how many years away we are from seeing augmented reality become an absolute experience, but it seems like we will get there. At some point in time.

We will get to the point where augmented reality is something that will completely take off and change the world and make the world a better place. And I think just taking it from that standpoint, taking it from this point of we are going to change the world. We are going to make this world a better place. This provides that opportunity that would not be provided otherwise. So there are tons of benefits to having augmented reality and sunglasses but there are also some negatives there’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong with augmented reality it can be used in a dangerous way, such as in social media posts where they shouldn’t be posted.

So it also increases the risk of private information being exposed. Do you have a camera in your sunglasses that can record and do anything? And if those cameras get there and they start doing that stuff, it’s going to cause a lot of different issues. So there are those social media issues that we need to worry about. But there are also some good things about it, such as having characters in your room or maybe having a meeting with a person when you’re in the same room. That’s what augmented reality can do. And if it’s done correctly, it will completely and utterly change the world we live in. And mostly for good, especially when it comes to all the different uses that it can use.

We’re looking at some major major playing stuff, guys. So it’s gonna be really exciting once we get to that point, and when it happens, oh my word. Oh, my word is the world going to change and it will be awesome. The question is which company is going to be able to do this? My bet is still on Facebook or Meta. But, they better hurry.

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