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I Made a Podcast First So I Could Turn Audio into Voice Over Videos

I started my YouTube channel not with a YouTube channel but with a podcast. And the reason why I chose a podcast is that I knew I could always convert that audio, if I wanted to, into a YouTube channel.

I recommend everybody starts a podcast because what it does is it allows you to create content that you can reutilize later, whether that’s in videos or just creating audio snippets to put on tick-tock or any other platform, such as Instagram reels.

So I think there’s a lot to be said for creating a podcast because you can always convert that audio into voice-over audio and make some video. And I think that’s a big deal, and it makes creating videos a lot easier. Honestly, that’s what I’ve done.

I created a gaming podcast, and that gaming podcast has done well overall. It’s not like a massive amount of views, but it’s still getting me endless views. And then, I convert some of those episodes into videos. And now that Spotify has videos, I’ve been putting those videos out on Spotify. So it just is a way to keep going and create content easily. But not like go over the top and then also increases your SEO, which is also an incredible thing when it comes to videos and your podcasts, so then you can direct people to your website who can then watch your videos or your podcast, which is a huge thing to be able to grow.

I’m a gaming YouTube channel, and I just discovered that this kind of working and stuff is starting to trickle into my website.

I was skeptical that the website would work, but I decided to do it because they always tell you to get a website. So that’s what I did. And after a year of doing my gaming podcast and then creating a YouTube channel, and then funneling people back over to the website, that gives me a lot of opportunities to be able to do a lot of different things that I want to do, such as news stories, even affiliate links and other stuff I can generate an income. My angle is to be able to live off this and not be able to be stuck in my job. So if I can live off of the income, I make from my website and my YouTube videos, that will be excellent, plus the podcast.

So if your goal is to do that it’s a great stepping stone to start generating traffic by creating a podcast do like five-minute episodes every day. And then you’re going to start building up views, and eventually, you might hit a topic that strikes.





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