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Mark Zuckerberg is Right about the Metaverse

Many people don’t understand that the Metaverse will succeed because of sunglasses. Sunglasses will be a game-changer as people can put augmented reality into those sunglasses. Everything will change. And that’s when the metaverse will be accepted.

Augmented Reality Sunglasses

Meta is probably on the right track here because they’re going to have the technology to be able to do this. After all, they’re investing billions of dollars.

Right now, it may not seem like a good investment, but in the future, it will be an excellent investment, especially if they could create sunglasses that cater to pop culture.

And augmented reality allows this because you can see things; for instance, Pokemon Go is augmented reality. And it allowed you to see Pokemon through your screen. But what if you could see it through your sunglasses? I think that’s where everything will change and where the future will occur.

Once we reach that point, we’re going to be doing some cool stuff that’s going to change the way augmented reality works. And the way that the Metaverse works.






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