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Why I Made an Unreal Engine Engine Educational Youtube Channel?

The reason why I got into Unreal Engine has to do with a lot of different things. Mainly I got into it because I know the metaverse will be built upon this engine. This is a future technology that will have a wide impact on many different people.


I figured if I start now I’ll be at the edge of cutting-edge technology, and at least have a basic understanding of how it works. So I started creating YouTube videos on this very topic. I’ve been going over the Unreal Engine assets and all of the different stuff and aspects of Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is a game-changer when it comes to the creation of content in the metaverse. The same thing holds for other engines such as unity but Unreal Engine is the engine that I’m fully aware of. on my YouTube channel, I just keep trading videos and I’ve had a lot of YouTube shorts that have taken off for video games, but I wanted to branch into education because in the long term that’s what I want to do on YouTube.

Unreal Engine Videos

And I think those videos tend to last a little bit longer than more evergreen content. This is very early when it comes to the metaverse and what is being created. Not a lot of people are aware of what the metaverse is being built upon. But it’s being built upon Unreal Engine and engines like Unity. Along with Adobe which also has some aspects when it comes to Unreal Engine.

The future is for those that understand these types of engines. They’re very complicated and yet simple. There is a way to create very simply, there is content with any engine which you can pull down that will create and I think a lot of people are intimidated by these engines but if they just watch a few YouTube videos and understand how simple it is to start getting creative with these engines, they may be shocked. Eventually, if you learn just a little bit every day, you’re going to get better. That’s the thing about anything that you learn, you’re going to get better.

And if you start now you’re going to have that much more going for you in the long run. That’s going to get you to where you need to be. That’s why I started the YouTube channel and changed it to an Unreal Engine channel I wanted to learn I know the channel may not be big, it may not get into million subscribers. However, I’m going to learn so much to be able to create games and movies and other types of content I think in the long run, that’s really what’s going to pay off. I’ve already posted over 50 videos on Unreal Engine I’m already just barely grasping what the capabilities of this engine are. I’m continually consuming the actual content and educational materials that are found on YouTube and the Unreal Engine education area.

And I think this is the difference that will propel us into the future. There is so much content that is available for people if they just look deeply and see what is out there when it comes to Unreal Engine and a lot of people can get terminated by this type of stuff. However, if you continue on you keep learning and get past that basic base of the knowledge of what’s needed. For Unreal Engine, you may be shocked at actually what you can learn from this amazing engine and the ends. If you can get about 10 hours into the engine, you’re going to gain an understanding of being able to progress into more advanced topics. So I want to continue making tutorial videos for Unreal Engine.

I want to continue doing these things so I can get better and understand what exactly is powering our future. What exactly is causing movies to be created these days? And a lot of it’s being built in Unreal Engine. It’s not being built and blender which is another application for 3d modeling. It’s all being built within the Unreal engine system. Because Unreal Engine allows a lot of stuff in the real world to be scanned into their engine, allowing for real-life 3d models. versus having to go and create 3d models. And I think this is a really big thing. Of course, there are other ways to create 3d models that can be very helpful when it comes to the creation of any 3d model system or gaming system, and in the end, now, that’s really what it comes down to is just the absolute ability to get in there and try new things. Unreal Engine is packed with a ton of features.

If you dig into the engine, whether that’s lighting or graphic effects or anything along those lines. You’re going to be able to learn so much just by trying out the engine and then if you compound that by learning new material from YouTube and educational sources, you’re going to be an expert in a year or two. I will honestly say I have played designations professionally with, a college degree and I think this engine will be powering the future and I think it throws all that other stuff out the door. I think the people who know this engine will understand more about how artificial intelligence and other technologies and machine learning work than anybody else because they will know how it works in a 3d environment.

And if you can understand artificial intelligence and 3d machine learning in an artificial environment, you can create basic, automated systems that will allow you to create games very quickly allow you to create movies very quickly through the automation of these systems. So if you understand the automation system that these systems pack inside, you will understand the future and be able to create pretty much whatever you want.

So this is why I continue to learn this engine because of the future viability of such a platform to be able to create new and interesting entertainment and educational content that cannot be created elsewhere. And there is so much support when it comes to this engine. Epic continues to support this non-stop there are updates every day they’ve already updated Unreal Engine five, and they continue to update the engine over and over.

I can’t imagine how many updates are going to have Unreal Engine four fully fleshed out so just imagine the number of updates they’re going to have. Additionally, Nintendo uses Unreal Engine to create games that say anything. They say they have mastered the engine and honestly the Nintendo games that are out right now are very polished and well done just by building these games within the Unreal Engine. So in the long run, we’re going to see some major developments when it comes to this engine, but most likely it will be powering the metaverse and I think a lot of people underestimate this and they’re not aware of it.

They may not even know what the metaverse is, but in the end, these are the types of engines that will be taking over and making it possible to kind of have a change in the marketplace.

When it comes to digital technologies. Its kind of like a smartphone is today not a lot of people understood it over 10 years ago. And now here we are with smartphone technologies being in everybody’s hand while the same will hold because what this will do is will power augmented reality sunglasses, virtual reality sunglasses, which will then put you in certain moments. And those are already built into Unreal Engine you can develop for both.

So just imagine the possibilities. And it pretty much can be developed if someone understands the technology so our future could be a lot different. We’ll just have to see how Unreal Engine goes but it definitely will be powering the metaverse and many other applications soon.

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