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Could Gaming Solve World Peace?

Can gaming solve world peace? This is a question I recently asked on my YouTube channel in a community tab and I thought it was really important just to let people know what people thought about whether or not gaming can solve world peace.

The answer to that question was mostly people thought that it actually could solve world peace. And I think that’s an absolutely amazing thing to think about. It seems more abstract today that gaming could solve world peace and that we could go down this road of gaming and how it could do that.

I think the main thing with gaming is that it gets people together that would not talk. It gets people together across international lines. It allows people to communicate that otherwise would not communicate. And that is a huge thing in today’s society. Where people often don’t communicate.

And I think we silo ourselves off into these areas where we do not communicate. And the biggest thing with that is, it’s most definitely possible to communicate. But we have to communicate and gaming is one of those things that cause us to play against people, to go against people from around the world as we play that game. And there are very few things that do this instantly. Sports do it but events often are spread out over some time when you play a game those events are no longer spread out.

And that’s a major thing. That means you can jump in with your friends at any time and play that game. And a lot of people don’t think about this instant connection.

It’s something to really kind of put your head around and think about what are the possibilities if you can get people together like this. There’s a huge amount of possibility. If you can get people together, to game to go do things that are completely foreign to them, and talk to people that are completely foreign to them. And this will make the world a better place because people are actually talking. In the end it comes down to the other things that people are doing, they’re solving problems in the game.

It could be a roadmap to solving most world problems. Additionally, it’s entertaining and people like to be entertained and I think a lot of problems with the world today is that we feel like we have to be over the top to be entertained. And I think gaming kind of evens that out. And I know that sounds a little bit different. Oh, it’s gaming. There are special effects. And graphics and stuff like that.

While the idea of entertainment is more passive with gaming, you’re leveling up your character and you can level up your character with your friends. If it’s an online game, for instance. These types of things can develop deep relationships that otherwise could not be developed and in the past, people have gotten married, and have gamed together in games such as World of Warcraft. And I think that is an incredibly cool thing that a lot of people may not be fully aware of, and gaming this so much more along those lines that is an incredible type of piece from that perspective.

I think a lot of people also game to escape the world and there’s nothing wrong with escaping the world. I feel like some people just need to get away from the problems to be able to solve the problems. And gaming does allow you to be able to get away from those problems when otherwise it would not be possible. This is one of the cool things that gaming does supply to people that otherwise would not be possible. And I think getting away from a problem and escaping especially when the world isn’t going okay is more than fine, especially if the game brings you some happiness.

Some people would call this escapism. I call this mental health. Mental health is very important and some people don’t understand that you have to escape the problems in order to solve those problems. Now I’m not saying you escape forever.

But it can give you that buffer to be able to think about the situation and get in the right mindset to solve those problems. That is why gaming can do so many incredible things that otherwise would not be possible any other given day. gaming allows that ability to also escape with your friends if you’re playing a game too. So that can also be a way and you guys can talk about the problems. A lot of conversations have occurred in the past, where people just talk out their problems while playing a game.

And this is not underestimated. It’s a huge thing to be able to do. Because it allows you to then think even deeper about the problem with a group of people. And a lot of people who play games do exactly this. gaming provides challenges for people. It’s a way for people to challenge themselves to beat something they otherwise would not be able to beat. And a lot of these challenges can develop skills to overcome endurance to be able to overcome challenges in life. And I think a lot of people do not connect the two dots, that gaming can be connected to real life.

The fact of the matter is that it absolutely can be connected to real life. And I think that is one of the biggest things about it is that if you connect the dots, well, you’re going to have a really good ability to do stuff in real life. So I would encourage everyone who games to even connect the dots and see how they can use some of the skills they learn in a game to be able to use lies those in real life.

In the end skills can most definitely be developed by playing games. I think the number one thing is those soft skills like communication and you can also do other things like being able to get past a problem in real life is also a very valuable skill that can help you get through those aspects of when you play a game.

What I want to do now is I also want to talk about the stigma against gaming and a lot of people have a stigma against gaming and this is not a healthy thing at all. There is nothing wrong with someone going out there and playing a video game to do all of these things, develop their soft skills and do stuff like that.

In fact, you can memorize stuff while you’re playing a game. Let’s say you have a big test. Don’t ever feel like you can’t go through flashcards while doing that. You can play a level and memorize a certain aspect of your test. And this can be something that can be super helpful for bringing everything together. When it comes to that memorization, and getting prepared for a test for instance, I did this for college. I would play a game and then I would memorize certain aspects to be able to get past that test.

And I think that’s a very good idea that can help a lot of people out who may be struggling in school or having a lot of issues with that and they can actually go out there and while they’re playing a game, maybe a game like a platformer or a game that doesn’t have a heavy dialogue, they can then memorize a certain fact or element.

I really do think you could you could actually get on Jeopardy. If you actually implemented this idea of memorization and it can be very helpful from that aspect. So definitely some cool stuff that you can do. If you really think about it when it comes to gaming and the aspects are really plentiful from that perspective. So a lot of stuff that can be accomplished. If you really set your mind to it. A lot of people have this stigma but the stigma is not true. You can actually get really smart if you’re a gamer, and a lot of people are influenced by being gamers as Elon Musk said he was influenced to become a programmer, because of gaming in general because you have to be able to program to a certain extent to make a game maybe not as much as in the past, but these days.

Anything’s possible. So I also think that gaming is a way to stretch your imagination. You have the ability to stretch your imagination to see that hey, things are possible that otherwise would not be possible allows you to explore new worlds that you weren’t able to explore before.

And I can think of this and reading the same aspects are true and reading we kind of hear this same mantra that you can explore these worlds and that you can do that too. But in gaming the same is true. There’s just kind of this like stigma that hey, it’s not the same thing. But it’s even deeper because you have to be able to get past that boss, you got to be able to get past those moments within the world to be able to get to that point. So I think that’s deep, and something to think about when it comes to gaming, and how that all comes together. So yes, some amazing stuff.

But in the end, yes, gaming can cause world peace because it is something that allows people to get better at stuff and communicate with people and level up and do things that were otherwise not possible in the past. I think the main thing is it drops down those barriers and allows people to improve. It allows people to do a lot of different things they did not think they could do otherwise. And you cannot underestimate the power of being able to do stuff like that.

And if you look deeply at it, it is a way to do something extremely great when you set your mind to it. Gaming is most definitely a way to improve the world, and may even solve world peace to a certain extent if we could just get people to talk I think playing a game and talking is a great idea. instead of battling out the wars of the future. maybe it can just be on a virtual battlefield for instance, while that may seem Utopia like it is something that could be a possibility, if we just, but set our minds to it. And I think that’s the biggest thing about it from that standpoint.






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