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I Made a Lego Star Wars Music Video For Fun!

I created a LEGO Star Wars music video I thought this would just be a good idea. To create a music video for the new Star Wars Skywalker game that is now out now.

And I think we underestimate sometimes our ability to create stuff. I’m not a musician by heart but I like making music and we can be creative and do this. So I created a song for the LEGO Star Wars music video.

I also have a lot of other songs on the site. So make sure you check it out. But I think the main thing is like, just go for it. A lot of times we feel like we can’t do something. Nevertheless, I’m trying to get into video games and creating music videos for video games. We’ll see how it goes.

And mainly it’s just a lot of fun to create music videos and go through those and put your music to those videos. Sometimes I’ll put other songs or other people’s songs, especially on YouTube, where you have YouTube music where you can grab songs from what’s free on YouTube, and the YouTube studio, but I like putting my own songs in there too. So I’m just having fun right now creating fun games, but I got the Starwars thing here. And I think you guys check it out.







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