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So Many Game Companies Are Using Unreal Engine 5 Now!

So many games are using Unreal Engine five. It is not even funny at this point in time. Unreal Engine five just came out. And it has been out for a little while for people who just want to create stuff. But now it’s out for actual game development, movie development, and it’s officially out now.

A lot of game companies have been announcing that hey, they want to use Unreal Engine five and they are doing exactly that. We see the new Tomb Raider game using Unreal Engine five. Additionally the Witcher four is using Unreal Engine five and a whole bunch of other intellectual properties. So with that being said, guys, it is a big deal to have this engine come out and I think it’s sold very well because it’s easy to develop in. I have a few tutorial videos on my channel that I’ve done with YouTube and quite frankly, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

It’s not hard to develop an Unreal Engine five they give you so much to be able to develop with and that’s really what sets Unreal Engine five apart from other things like Unity. Now, Unity I have not been in so I do want to clarify that so I could be wrong. There are tons of free asset packs in Unity. But if you’re just starting out Unreal Engine five has those all built into it. And I think that’s the biggest thing with Unreal Engine five is everything is actually built into this engine, giving it that extra edge. And when it comes right down to it, that’s a huge deal.

Because everything’s built into it all these developers want to move to Unreal Engine five because it’s so easy to create a world so easy to create all that stuff now character creation to be a little bit harder but everything else like world building is very quick.






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